Most Popular Home Organization Ideas of 2019

As we bid farewell to 2019, we are also looking forward to new beginnings in 2020. New Year’s resolutions are already taking form in our minds, often referencing things we meant to do in 2019 but never quite got around to.

  • Losing that last 10 pounds
  • Writing, or just reading, a bestseller
  • Running a marathon
  • Getting every area of the house organized

While Tailored Living® can’t help with everything on that list, we can definitely help with home organization by revisiting some of the most popular de-cluttering, storage, and organization ideas from this past year. Whether you battle closet clutter, a messy garage, an inefficient laundry room, or just general chaos, take a walk down memory lane with us and get prepared for a beautifully organized 2020. And who knows, getting organized may help with the other things on the list too!

Gain control of the family’s closets … beautifully

Not every member of the family will want the same closet design and with Tailored Living’s custom closet storage systems, everyone can have the closet that works for them. Managing clothes, shoes, and accessories can take many forms with cabinets, shelves, hanging racks, and drawers to organize and store all the wardrobe essentials. Check out Closet Accessories To Fine-Tune Your Closet To Your Personal Taste and see the many options available for perfect closet design.

Eliminate clutter throughout the whole house


Any room can become a stress point if its normal state of being is cluttered. Big rooms, small rooms, it doesn’t matter. Clutter can take over due to too much stuff, not enough space, or the busyness of life. Our custom storage and organization solutions can bring order and calm to every area of your home, including bedrooms, kitchens, home offices, family rooms, and more. Check out Enjoy A Clutter-Free Home With Custom Storage Solutions For Every Room and ease into the new year with peace of mind and confidence.

Conquer the garage once and for all

Garages can become a real source of tension and stress when filled willy-nilly with all sorts of things — piles of boxes, stacks of tools, and the repository for anything without a place of its own. By converting all that space into useful storage, your world can be transformed. You’ll be able to find what you need when you need it, like a screwdriver or the holiday lights, and your car(s) can be parked and protected inside the garage. Check out Declare Your Independence From A Messy Garage and see all your options from the floor up, with custom garage flooring and floor-to-ceiling garage cabinets.

Attractive, hard-working spaces

Work areas can sometimes be overlooked for style and efficiency, but when you spend a lot of time in a space, especially working, you deserve some conveniences! Pantries and laundry rooms are often behind closed doors and sort of forgotten most of the time, but when they’re needed the clutter and mess suddenly become a real issue. Tailored Living can assist with getting your work areas whipped into shape to make some of life’s tedious chores much more enjoyable. Check out what we can do for you:

Get more work done with a custom home office

Working from home offers many benefits and perks, but it can also introduce into your home just one more area for clutter and confusion. Work is messy, but with customized space for exactly what you need … storage, desktops, conference area, multiple stations … your home office can be efficient and an attractive addition to your home. Beat the bug-a-boo of work stress with a home office that accommodates everyone and everything that needs to happen there. Check out How To Have An Organized Home Office For Multiple Users and see how efficient you can be!

Enjoy big storage results in small spaces with custom design

Even in big homes there can be small space storage challenges with awkward corners, inconvenient cabinets and that “what can we possibly do here?” space. Tailored Living’s design specialists can help maximize storage in large or small living quarters, with custom solutions tailored to exactly the space you have. Floating shelves, enclosed cabinets, and specialty built-ins can revolutionize the way you live in your home. Check out Small Space Storage Solutions That Actually Work and convert chaos into calm in any room.

Clean house like a pro with tips from real homemakers

Housecleaning is a necessary part of life. Spending an extraordinary amount of time cleaning is not. We’ve pulled together some tips and tricks for housecleaning that will get your cleaning done in record time and let you get on to more important things. For everything from dusty computer screens to a clogged showerhead and that unidentified stuff in the bottom of the fridge, we can help! Check out Spring Cleaning Tips For Those Who Hate To Clean. (And isn’t that all of us, really?)

Color your world and refresh your spirit

Every year-end, the most prominent paint companies and Pantone (the color guru) announce their new color choices for the new year. They know the importance of color to making life beautiful. It’s fun and invigorating to update and refresh our homes, and also our wardrobes, with new colors and styles to add a little zest to life. Check out Refresh Your Home And Wardrobe With The 2019 Colors Of The Year for ideas on enriching your world with color, and stay tuned for the 2020 colors of the year coming soon to a blog near you.

Tailored Living loves to assist people with life-changing organization and storage solutions to bring peace and calm home. Reducing clutter is a great way to reduce stress, and innovative storage solutions can make every area of your home more livable and lovable. Call 866-712-3404 today to find a designer near you who can help with closets, a home office, the laundry room, pantry, family room, entryway, mudroom or garage. To stay on the cutting edge of home design trends, styles, and ideas, subscribe to our free eNewsletter and receive helpful tips all year long.