Move Over Man Caves, She Sheds are Trending Now!

Although “She Sheds” are a new phenomenon, the idea of wanting alone time is not new at all. One of Hollywood’s most iconic movie lines was spoken by Greta Garbo in the 1932 film, Grand Hotel: “I want to be alone.” Garbo contends she actually said, “I want to be left alone,” but, either way, the lady definitely needed time to herself!

The subtle difference between what Garbo is credited with saying versus what she actually said helps explain the “She Shed” movement. It’s the idea of carving out space and time for oneself for refreshment, reflection and quiet from the responsibilities of home and loved ones who can, sometimes, be just a little demanding. “Left alone” implies “for a time, but I’ll be back.” “Be alone” sounds more like a permanent situation. She Sheds fall into the “left alone” category--a hiatus, not abandonment.

So if your family has a problem understanding why you need a She Shed, just go all Garbo on them, drop your eyes and languidly say,” I want to be… left alone.”

She Shed with a Purpose

A She Shed is generally separate from the main house, in a backyard as a stand-alone structure such as a storage shed, prefab garage or a playhouse. You can even buy kits for building She Sheds (actually it’s just sheds, but you can “she” them up!). She Sheds, that could have been acquired through Glasgow shedman, are nestled in gardens, creating exquisitely natural surroundings and privacy. Or, close to pools or decks so that when the doors are open wide, you can expand to larger spaces. They can be ornate or simple; a solid little house with a proper front door, or a blending of indoors and outdoors with lots of openness, giving a more spacious feel and it's a good venture when you are able to find sheds for sale so you can make it yourself.

They are as varied as the women who inhabit them, reflecting individual tastes and styles and purposes. It’s just a special place to be alone to recharge your emotional batteries and reconnect with yourself. How would you use your very own She Shed?

  • Yoga or exercise studio
  • Office or writer’s space
  • Artist’s studio; crafts or hobby retreat
  • Reading room, music room, hold a book club meeting
  • Media-free zone for solitude and napping
  • Gardening center, hot house plants
  • Outdoor bar for entertaining your girlfriends
  • Or, as one blogger said after describing She Sheds as miniature, frilly living rooms where ladies can do lady-like things, “My She Shed would be less frilly and I would use it to hatch an elaborate heist plan.”

Happily, there are no rules! Your She Shed can be whatever you want it to be! However, given the nature of the She Shed—small, intimate space—Tailored Living’s® designers can help you maximize that small space with innovative storage and organization solutions to ensure that your space is everything you need.

Designing your She Shed

Keeping a She Shed under 120 square feet should avoid permitting, but check your local building codes, especially if you’re installing electricity or Internet access. Your furnishings will depend on how you plan to enjoy your space.

  • For a reading retreat, you’ll want book shelves, a comfortable chair and reading lamp
  • An art studio or crafts room will require appropriate cabinets for supplies
  • Protect prize collections like vintage vases or glassware behind glass-inset doors
  • Decorative hooks can be used for drying herbs and flowers, or holding gardening hats and gloves
  • If it’s an outside office, you’ll need “working” storage that matches the mood
  • If you invite in guests, you’ll need extra seating options
  • Under bench storage can hold folding chairs or blankets for curling up with a good book if it gets cold or rainy and you’re not quite ready to go back into the house

Using the same principles as custom closet storage systems and garage organization, capturing vertical space will keep the floor available for a table, workbench, comfy sofa or exercise mat. And Tailored Living’s range of styles, colors and finishes guarantee that you can create any décor you desire.

One creatively designed cabinet could suffice for all your storage needs, or you might need walls of possibility. To eliminate guesswork, our 3D D’Vinci design software will let you see exactly how the interior of your She Shed will look to ensure no wasted space and no overcrowding.

This retreat is meant to soothe your body, mind and spirit, so you’ll want to incorporate everything you need for comfortable living. Candles, flowers, your favorite tea cup, chocolate, favorite artwork or sculpture—whatever you want to enjoy in your quiet moments. And, it can be a special treat to invite your kids or husband into your She Shed, if they’ve been very, very good.

Even if you can’t build an outside retreat, you may find that the She Shed concept works just as well for you inside your home, carving out a room or nook as your own special place. Maybe a second bedroom, a loft area or even a walk-in closet could become an indoor She Shed. A Tailored Living designer can help make your dream of solitude come true by creating a space just for you! Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. Scroll through the image galleries of custom closets, entry ways, home offices, garage cabinets and garage flooring, laundry rooms, pantries and more, and formulate a plan for getting your whole home organized.