Nothing Says Happy Father's Day Like a New, Custom Home Office

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18. Have you come up with the perfect gift to tell your Dad how special he is? Maybe this is the year to really knock his socks off with a gift so amazing he’ll never, ever forget it, and he’ll even forgive all the goofy ties, funny saying golf towels (There’s No Crying in Golf), endless coffee mugs and pungent aftershaves of the past. Celebrate Dad for the hero he is with a custom home office to make the 8-to-5, -7 or -9 grind easier and much more fun.

With more and more people becoming self-employed, working remotely, and companies offering flexible work hours, approximately 25 million Americans work from home at least one day a week, with 2.8 million calling home their primary place of work. (Global Workplace Analytics)

If your dad works from home, a custom office designed to his specific needs will create a pleasant, more productive work environment and be the best Father’s Day gift ever. He’ll get more done in less time, freeing up time for family activities and his favorite hobbies. Tailored Living® can help design the ideal home office, based on your dad’s individual tastes and work requirements. Taking into consideration available space, work needs, ergonomic sensitivities, home décor style, lighting and job equipment requirements, design possibilities are limitless.

A home office and man cave combination     

Say your dad already has a man cave and he works there with his laptop balanced on his knees. You can quickly improve his work universe by converting one wall of the man cave into a home office, giving him the ultimate space for Father’s Day. When it’s time to work, he’ll have everything he needs organized and at his fingertips without it feeling overly corporate and sterile. Then, when work is done and office paraphernalia is behind closed doors, the comforts of his man cave will take over and make relaxing his next priority.

A one-wall home office can be amazingly efficient and effective, settling into a man cave or bedroom without upsetting overall space use. Capturing all floor-to-ceiling vertical space with cabinets and innovative storage means plenty of functional work space. Our wide range of colors, styles and finishes for custom cabinetry ensures you’ll be able to match your home’s existing décor, including a relaxed style to fit the man cave vibe without sacrificing efficiency.

A personality-plus, full-time office

If your dad works from home full time, he may need more than one wall of dedicated work space for desks, computers, printers, scanner, shredder, etc. He’ll need an entire room dedicated to work to make him more productive, more professional and more comfortable. A custom-designed home office combining desktops, enclosed cabinets, open shelves and drawers can accommodate everything his business requires, including oversized blueprints, maps, product samples, binders and any specialty equipment.

A home office should give dad the best of both worlds—the comforts of home and the efficiency of an office. He’ll have an environment that he actually likes to work in with a comfy chair, special coffee mug, candy stash and by decorating with his own pictures, collectibles, trophies and art that makes him happy. He may even install a putting green, compact elliptical, or balance ball chair to combine working with working out and de-stressing throughout the day.

All work and no play office

If your dad’s home office needs the professionalism of a corporate board room, Tailored Living can design an office to rival any uptown corner office. If clients or fellow employees stop by for meetings, a conference table or extra workstations can be included to handle every eventuality, including a hidden bar with a fridge, wine racks and glasses. A media center for presentations and the occasional afternoon sports viewing can be seamlessly built in. Raised-panel designs, crown molding and decorative hardware are just some of the options to create an exquisite work space.

Make every day of the year Father’s Day with the gift of a customized home office. If you’re not comfortable designing the space for your dad, a Tailored Living gift certificate will set him up with your local Tailored Living designer who can walk him through the elements of design so the final result is perfect for him. From style to color to work space and storage solutions, your dad will have exactly the home office that he needs to work in comfort, be more efficient … and definitely feel loved!

Call 866-712-3404 today or do a ZIP code search if your dad is not local and you want to purchase a gift certificate where he lives. Tailored Living designers are whole home organization specialists, dedicated to de-cluttering, de-stressing and making your life more beautiful through innovative storage solutions. We can help with closet storage systems, custom garage cabinets and garage flooring, laundry rooms, pantries, entertainment centers and more.