On Father's Day Nothing Says "I Love You" Like a Custom Garage

For some reason, selecting the appropriate Father’s Day gift ranks in difficulty with naming a new baby. People agonize over what to get for “dear old dad” to show how much he’s loved and appreciated, but that won’t be silly, lame or embarrassing. Kids count out their pennies, nickels and dimes and head out to find the perfect gift…

…and end up with Father’s Day gifts like these:

  • Novelty clothing including loud ties, “World’s Best Dad” tee shirts and gaudy socks
  • Personalized items like coffee mugs, key chains and paper weights with the kids’ toothy grins
  • Man toiletries like cheap cologne, soap-on-a-rope and little zippered-pouch manicure kits
  • Useless gadgets for home, car or sports like a baseball cap soda can holder
  • The singing trout wall plaque (actually, everyone should have one of these at some point)
  • Anything barbeque—“Fire Marshall” apron, two-foot-long meat tongs or grill cleaning tools

Dads all over the world are thrilled to get such gifts from their giggly offspring, but for the super-duper best Father’s Day gift of all time…give him a Tailored Living® custom garage! It’s the gift that will keep on giving and say, “We love you, Dad,” every day of the year.

The garage of his dreams

A garage can be beautiful. Don’t believe it? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, and these before-and-after shots say it all. The “before” is messy, but functional for parking if nothing else. The “after” garage is organized, tidy and supremely clean. What’s not to love?

  • Floor-to-ceiling garage storage cabinets available in a variety of laminate finishes and real wood stains maximize storage space and keep the garage clutter-free
  • Adjustable shelves make garage storage cabinets versatile for storing even tall and bulky items like rakes, shovels, skis and golf bags
  • The work countertop on the left stays clear, ready whenever he is to start or finish a project
  • Overhead cabinets capture storage space above the work bench and refrigerator, providing valuable storage for seldom-used items
  • Base cabinets and drawers keep daily-use items and tools handy, yet out of sight
  • Gridwall Racks with specialty hooks can hold everything from small hand tools to sports equipment to ladders
  • Off the floor, wall-hung cabinets make cleaning the garage a quick and easy task

And last but not least, that gorgeous, shiny garage floor! Pictured is a PremierOne® Solids garage epoxy floor coating, a tough hybrid polymer finish that is designed to withstand high traffic and heavy use without ever cracking, peeling, staining or fading. Available in several different styles and almost endless combinations of decorative chip colors, he’ll be sure to find his favorite color with our PremierOne Decorative Chip, Solids, Stone, Elements and Stratus styles.

An alternative garage floor is our PremierTrax flexible tiles. Interlocking tiles create a beautiful, durable floor with a flow-through design that eliminates spills and is easy to keep clean. With 15 different colors, you can match a favorite car color, copy a team logo or get totally creative with your own design.

Making it personal

Maybe his dream garage would be better appreciated as a Man Cave, a space where he can let hobbies and activities take over. A custom garage could house a big screen TV and seating area to watch sports or movies 24/7 on those days he’s lucky enough to have to himself. He could hang that singing trout and display his sports memorabilia in grand style.

A home gym and workout area may be more his style, or a place for classic cars or to work on cars. If we got for the home gym it might be a good idea to have replacement cables about for strength machines so they are easier to repair if a cable breaks. If he's got more cars than he'll be able to fit in the garage, he might decide to sell one or two. If he does, he might want to check out something like One Sure Insurance so that he can get his traders insurance.

With Tailored Living’s design options, and the sky’s the limit!

These garage designs showcase just some of Tailored Living’s customization features.

  • Health & Fitness: Combination of floor-to-ceiling and upper and lower cabinets in Maple laminate, with a laundry area tucked in the back, still leaves plenty of room for a full home gym
  • Classic Car Guy: Plenty of storage cabinets and a work bench countertop; a custom PremierTrax floor that marks parking spaces for the classic cars
  • Everyman: Gridwall Racks keep tools handy and organized while cabinets and drawers hide clutter; PremierOne Decorative Chip garage floor coating is the final finishing touch
  • Sportsman: Slatwall panels corral sports equipment and accessories; PremierTrax garage floor tiles in two shades create a checkerboard pattern

As you can see, anything is possible. So whether he gets the entire garage or just an area for himself, a custom garage will make this a Father’s Day he’ll never forget!

Don’t settle for a goofy hat, and don’t let another day go by without maximizing your garage. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our design process has your comfort and convenience in mind, and our commitment to quality, value and customer services makes Tailored Living the best choice for all your home storage and organization needs, including custom closets, home office design, laundry rooms and more.