Organize Your Garage For Winter With Custom Storage Cabinets And Accessories

A garage in winter can be a very unfriendly place.

  • Dark corners and messy storage making it hard to find what you need.
  • Unsafe, slippery surfaces from tracking in mud, rain, and snow.
  • The cold nightmare of the garage laundry room in winter.

If your garage becomes even more of a liability in winter than the rest of year, Tailored Living® can help make your garage more functional for wintertime and every season with custom storage and organization solutions that transform your garage into a safer, more welcoming space.

Garage Storage and Accessories Install a mudroom at the connecting door with individual shelves, cubbies, shoe racks, and hooks, so wet coats, jackets, boots, and hats don’t make it inside

The magic of garage storage cabinets

Garages are intended to hold many things and can become very messy. Especially if there’s no rhyme or reason to storage attempts and you end up with a hodge-podge of boxes and crates stacked along the garage walls. Not only is it frustrating to hunt for something by digging through those boxes, but you’re actually limiting your storage space because boxes can safely stack only a few feet high. Custom garage storage cabinets can convert entire walls to storage with floor-to-ceiling cabinets for an incredible amount of storage, configured around water heaters, electrical panels, sloped ceilings, windows, doors, and any other challenges to maximize your garage’s efficiency. You get everything up off the floor and into easily accessible, organized storage that is behind closed doors, creating a clean, uniform look.

Garage Storage and FlooringGarage storage cabinets will revolutionize how you use your garage

  • Heavy-duty, 1” adjustable shelves inside the cabinets can be configured to maximize space for exactly what will be inside, accommodating large and small items.
  • High-level cabinets are perfect for seldom-used items like holiday decorations and suitcases, leaving easily accessible space for items that get daily use.
  • Create zones for gardening, household, and car care products, keeping like items together.
  • Optional locking doors keep toxic chemicals like antifreeze and dangerous tools like saws and drills secure from curious pets and children.
  • Organize the family’s sports equipment for every season, every game.
  • Upper and lower cabinets and drawers provide storage for workspace countertops and you can transform a mere washer and dryer into a full-service laundry room.

Use all your space with wall hanging storage systems

In conjunction with garage cabinets or where cabinets won’t fit, Slatwall panels (PVC construction) can accommodate anything you need to store with customized wall storage with specialty hooks, attachable baskets, and shelves for large and small items. Create a whole wall of storage or cut Slatwall to fit over countertops, in corner spaces, behind doors—anywhere there is unused wall space. Slatwall can be installed over cement, drywall, or brick and comes in many colors to coordinate with garage cabinets or other design elements.

Slatwall Storage and Accessories Slatwall accessory hooks and baskets make it ideal for easy-access kid-level storage to eliminate garage clutter

  • Supports up to 100 lbs. per square foot so you can safely store your largest items like bikes, golf bags, gardening tools, and snow shovels.
  • As seasonal sports change, rearrange equipment storage to keep the current season’s sports equipment front and center.
  • Over a workbench, Slatwall keeps tools organized and handy, freeing up the countertop.
  • Ideal for small garages, you’ll be amazed at how much equipment can store in a small space.

Store bulky items in overhead storage racks

Every garage has something that is awkward to store; large and bulky items that don’t fit in cabinets, take up lots of floor space, and create tripping hazards. Overhead storage is the perfect solution for out-of-season and hard-to-store possessions and Tailored Living offers safe and convenient overhead storage options. With stationary racks and automated platforms, there’s no reason to ignore all that ceiling space!

Overhead storage can greatly multiply your garage’s storage capabilities

  • Stationary overhead storage racks come in numerous sizes and support approximately 50 pounds per square foot.
  • Racks are adjustable in height, from 18” to 33” to customize to your ceiling height.
  • Heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel frames ensure that the racks won’t swing or sway when storing or removing items.
  • Automated platform lifts, basic lifts, multiple-bike lifts, universal lifters, and specialty lifters can safely store whatever you have and be raised and lowered by the touch of a button.
  • With automated systems, there’s no strain to your back or danger of slipping off a ladder.

A custom garage floor for a firm foundation

Making your garage safer for winter includes a floor that provides additional utility and function. Tailored Living has two types of custom garage flooring, including five styles of PremierOne® epoxy floor coatings and PremierTrax® interlocking garage floor tiles in 18 different colors. Both are designed to withstand the demands of winter without cracking, chipping, or peeling.

An industry-tough, low-maintenance garage floor adds beauty, value, and utility to your home

  • Reduce the buildup of allergens, dust, and dirt that can cling to an unfinished concrete floor.
  • Nothing stains or sticks to the surface, so cleanup is quick and easy.
  • Impervious to weather extremes for year-round efficiency.

Additional tips to winterize your garage

A safe and functional garage will be appreciated by everyone in the family as they navigate the challenges of wintertime, from finding their ice skates to quickly stowing wet boots and coats. Freeing up space to get the cars in the garage will not only protect them from damage, but also make comings and goings easier being able to load and unload inside the garage. Here are some additional tips to take the bite out of winter:

  • Install an insulated garage door and add insulation to your garage walls.
  • Safety check the garage door opener, oil moving parts, check hinges and supply fresh batteries in all remotes or keypads.
  • Automatic garage doors will not work during a power outage, so post a “how-to” check sheet on releasing the catch to manually raise the door so no one gets trapped.
  • Wrap exposed water pipes to prevent freezing–such as to the washer or utility sink—with polyethylene insulation tubes, PVC pipe wrap, automatic heat tape or the DIYer’s favorite, newspaper wrapped 1/4” thick and secured with duct tape.
  • Place rugs or mats at the connecting door to the house to eliminate tracking in dirt, snow, mud and de-icing chemicals. For steps, use a runner or texturize the surface to prevent falls.
  • Screen over any entry points to keep unwanted furry guests out of your garage or attic.
  • Have your deicer of choice—salt, ashes, kitty litter, sawdust or sand—stored close to the garage door in lidded containers for ease of use.
  • Increase the lighting in the garage so there are no dark corners around workbenches, the laundry area or in cabinets.
  • Place garage floor mats where you park the car/cars to absorb de-icing products that stick to your car’s tires and to protect the floors from snow tire chains.
  • Keep a few days’ supply of fireplace logs in the garage so you don’t always have to traipse out to the big woodpile.
  • Have an emergency kit in every vehicle with food, water, and extra blankets in case of trouble. Check out How to Pack an Emergency Kit from

An organized garage will give you peace of mind in winter and all year long with functionality and convenience that makes each day easier. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation and get your garage transformed before the cold weather arrives. We can also help with whole home organization, including closet organization systems, laundry room storage, pantries, home office design, entertainment centers, and Murphy Beds to get you ready for the holidays.