Organizing by Seasons: Tips and Tricks to Easy & Efficient Garage Storage

Stowing and retrieving decorations, sports equipment, seasonal gear, and other items that are only used at certain points throughout the year can be a complicating and annoying task if your belongings are difficult to get to. One way to make this a much easier process is to organize your items by season and usage. Once you have everything categorically sorted, the next thing you want to think about is where and how you will store these items for the easiest access.

Many homeowners find that the garage is the best area in their home to store their seasonal equipment because it is out of the way, but not so far out of the way to make it inaccessible when needed. According to the US Department of Energy, 25 percent of people with two-car garages don’t park any cars in there and only 32% park a single car and some people prefer using a vehicle storage facility for vehicles they aren't using. Based on this data, we can surmise that the majority of Americans use their garages as a storage or work space, maybe both. To get the most out of your garage storage space take these tips and tricks into account when planning out a new, or updating an existing, garage design.

Garage cabinets

  • While garage cabinetry is not a new concept, custom cabinetry designed specifically to fit the individual needs of your family is far and away better than any generic cabinetry you can find in a store. Tailored Living can customize your garage storage cabinets to fit whatever seasonal objects and items you wish. They are perfect for storing seasonal sports equipment and gear.


  • Gridwalls, if you aren’t aware, are designed to hold anything and everything against the walls of your garage. These garage storage devices are metallic grids that, once affixed on the wall, can be outfitted to hold anything from a box of tennis balls to your mountain bikes!

Overhead storage

  • Probably the most underused and underrated of all storage devices for a garage, overhead storage can be the perfect solution for seasonal decorations that you will only use a few months out of the year. Overhead storage will keep your items up and out of the way, but still easily accessible when you need them.

Each and every homeowner has a different vision of what they want their garage to look like and how they want it to be used. Tailored Living can help you turn this vision into reality, give them a call today!