Pantry Design Tips to Keep You Organized This Holiday Season

With so many friends and family members visiting your home this holiday season, it’s important to keep it looking fresh while staying functional. With the kitchen being such a common hub of home entertainment, smart pantry design can be the difference between perfect organization and complete hosting mayhem.

Tailored Living presents these home improvement tips for your pantry to keep your food organized, your visitors satiated, and your holiday party sound.

1. If you plan on baking lots of apple pies or if all your friends expect your famous mashed potatoes, you can keep your non-refrigerated fruits and vegetables in custom pullout drawers within your

pantry. Tailored Living offers so many different designs so that your pantry design will match that of the rest of your home flawlessly.

2. Installing custom shelves with our professional organizers will result in pantry shelves perfectly fit to your family’s diet, your unique space, and the aesthetic you want for your home. When you’re facing large amounts of visitors or a robust baking mission, the last thing you want to worry about is a misplaced recipe book, bottle of olive oil, or boxed crust.

3. Prepare for kitchen mishaps by storing extra cleaning supplies in a basket within your pantry. Alternatively, keep in this basket your specialized cooking accessories, such as apple corers, cookie cutters, non-decorative nutcrackers, or egg slicers. A Tailored Living Home Organization Specialist is happy to recommend the right finish and material for your pantry.

4. Make sure you have a spice rack or spice drawer installed in your pantry to keep track of the ingredients you have on hand. Whichever you go with, your gingerbread cookies and turkey stuffing will surely benefit.

5. If your family likes to keep bulk items like chips, crackers, sodas, or beer in the home for casual or impromptu holiday hosting, consider installing rattan baskets, our home improvement essential. After you pick the color and materials, our professional organizers will take the measurements so that your pantry can be effortlessly organized in no time at all.

6. To keep conversation flowing and to accompany toasts, Tailored Living recommends storing wine and sparkling cider neatly within an integrated wine rack. Whether you’re receiving them as gifts or curating the evening drinks, this simple device will help you stay organized like a professional. They come in multiple shapes and forms, so visit our gallery to stir up preliminary design ideas.

Your local Tailored Living Home Organization specialist looks forward to helping you design the pantry your home deserves. Schedule an appointment with us today to see a 3D mock-up of what your future pantry will look like.