Protect and Organize All Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays have a tendency to put decorating into overdrive for some people. But whether you do a seasonal mantle or light up the neighborhood, eventually the decorations and lights have to go back into storage.

When do you officially say goodbye to the holidays by taking down the tree and putting away the decorations? Traditions and superstitions drive some people, but most of us find a time that works best around work schedules, family, and having the time and energy to tackle the monumental task!

  • Many people use New Year’s Day to “pack away the holidays” before going back to work on January 2.
  • Others consider January 5, the Twelfth Day of Christmas, the time-honored day to take down the tree.
  • For some, the superstition of bad luck if you leave the tree up after New Year’s Eve means all decorations must come down before midnight, December 31.

Whenever you do pack away the holiday decorations, care in handling is important. Tailored Living® has some tips for safely storing your decorations so you can enjoy them year after year. Proper storage is actually twofold--safely packaged to prevent damage, and convenient for easy access as holidays pop up throughout the year.

Ornaments storage

Ornaments come in all shapes, sizes and materials and each requires appropriate handling.

  • Fragile ornaments and decorative items should be stored in their original boxes if possible.
  • Ornament storage chests with dividers can safely accommodate lots of breakables.
  • Individually wrap ornaments with bubble wrap or tissue paper and place in plastic bins or crush-proof boxes marked “fragile.”
  • Egg cartons can hold small ornaments, or make a DIY storage system with drink cups glued to cardboard, fitted to a box or bin.
  • Protect unbreakable ornaments like plastic, brass and painted wood with tissue paper or bubble wrap between layers of ornaments so they won’t get scratched.
  • Use anti-tarnish bags for gold- or silver-plated decorations.

Wrap strands of lights and garlands

You can save yourself money and aggravation by not tangling up your lights and garlands; you won’t have to buy new ones each year when untangling them proves to be an impossible task.

  • Wrap each strand of lights or garland around a commercial reel or make DIY storage with clothes hangers or cardboard forms to preserve your strings of lights.
  • Place the individually wrapped strands into boxes or bins, designated for indoor or outdoor use, grouping white lights and colored lights.

Artificial tree and wreath storage

Trees and wreaths can be damaged if not carefully stored. Many artificial trees have lights on them and wreaths can have both lights and ornaments.

  • Specialty tree storage bags are available for either standing or disassembled trees. Styles include with or without wheels, and handles for easy maneuvering.
  • Crush-proof wreath containers are available for various sizes of fully decorated wreaths.
  • Make your own wreath storage with a zippered plastic bag, garment bag, or padded fabric bag to hang from a hook inside a cabinet or in a closet so it won’t be crushed.

Keep holiday displays together

Nativities, trains, winter scenes, villages, and Santa’s workshop displays should be stored together so pieces don’t get lost. 

  • As with ornaments, original boxes are best to protect valuable display pieces. Place all elements of one display in a clearly labeled box or bin.
  • Make storage bags from felt or quilted fabric or generously use bubble wrap so each item can be individually wrapped and safely stored.
  • Specialty storage cases like the Improvements bag above are available with wheels and secure handles to accommodate larger displays, or use a wheeled suitcase no longer used for travel.

Tree skirts and holiday linens

Stored fabrics can be especially susceptible to moisture, dust and insects, since they are left untouched for months at a time. Take extra care with fabric decorations such as Christmas stockings, placemats, napkins, table cloths, holiday throws and decorative pillows.

  • Never put away soiled linens; clean and dry everything before storing.
  • Place herbal sachets or scented dryer sheets in with the linens to keep them fresh.
  • Store linens by holiday in marked bins so they are quick to find.
  • Wrap delicate and vintage fabrics in acid-free paper before placing in sealed bins.
  • Use hanging garment bags for large items like table cloths, runners and throws, or use under-bed storage.

Organized storage for easy retrieval

The next step is making sure your carefully wrapped decorations are stored where you can always find them. Since holiday decorations can take up a lot of space, garage storage cabinets with adjustable shelves are the perfect answer. Imagine having one whole cabinet for holiday decorations! That would make any celebration less stressful with everything holiday in one place.

This garage was completely transformed into super storage with custom White Oak garage cabinets and a coordinating PremierOne® epoxy garage floor coating.

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets will ensure sufficient storage space for all your family’s needs
  • Holiday decorations, sports equipment, gardening implements, tools, craft and hobby materials … whatever you have … will have designated storage space
  • Enclosed cabinets eliminate clutter and keep your garage immaculate
  • Overhead storage racks can provide additional storage for large items like Christmas trees and over-sized yard decorations

With organized storage, putting up the decorations and taking them down is easier, making every holiday more fun. Tailored Living can also help with whole home organization solutions so you have maximized storage in every area of your home as well as the garage, including closet organization systems, pantry and laundry room optimization, home office design and more.

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