Put a Spring in Your Step with New Closet Accessories

Spring is in the air for most people who reside in the continental US.  With this new season, comes a refreshed feeling and zest for getting organized. Organization specialists from Tailored Living know this feeling all too well; it’s part of their livelihood!

Melt away the winter blues with some spring cleaning and consider tackling your closet first. The change in seasons often requires a new wardrobe. The experts at Tailored Living recommend first, separating out your heavier winter clothes, outerwear, and boots.  These items can be stored away easily in pull-out bins or on overhead shelving units. Sturdy slide-out baskets are ideal for stowing bulky sweaters and other seasonal items that take up too much hanging space.  Built-in cabinetry and integrated shoe racks are the perfect solution for keeping the shoes that you will no longer need, out of sight and organized.

Next, move your lighter hanging garments to the front of your closet to ensure that they’re easy to access. Custom closets from Tailored Living incorporate areas for long and short hanging items so that everything in your wardrobe has a place.  Consider moving your shorts, t-shirts, and other casual items to the drawers in your main wardrobe unit or fold them neatly and place on lower shelves.

Lastly, you’ll want to display your brightest spring accessories! Overhead shelves enclosed by glass front doors are ideal for storing purses and hats to ensure they’re close at hand for the next special occasion or spring outing. Integrated valet rods work great for securely hanging scarves and ties and keep your custom closet organized.

By incorporating these storage tips into your closet space, you will feel more organized, spend less time searching through a cluttered closet, and get out the door faster to enjoy the weather now that spring has sprung!