Refresh and Reorganize Your Pantry For More Fun In The Kitchen

Yes, fun in the kitchen! It’s where so much of life happens from that first cup of coffee in the morning to the last midnight snack. It’s a gathering place, homework station, classroom for cooking (and life) lessons, game nights, family dinners, and shared secrets over hot cocoa.

Kitchen as Heart of HomeAs the heart of the home, a kitchen should be welcoming, comfortable, and stocked with every good thing to eat and drink

Whatever happens in your kitchen will be enhanced by orderly surroundings, including a kitchen pantry that has all the necessary ingredients for a delicious life. From imported truffles for a gourmet dinner for 12 to creamy hot chocolate for two, Tailored Living® can help you have the pantry of your dreams with customizations and storage solutions to meet every need of your family.

Your maximized pantry

Not every home has an “official” pantry. A pantry can be anything from a large walk-in to a reach-in closet, select kitchen cabinets, an armoire, or bookshelves. Your Tailored Living designer can work with you to create a customized pantry in your existing space or help you find creative pantry space in your home. A combination of shelves, cabinets, drawers, pullout bins, and specialty racks will ensure everything in your pantry has an appointed place to keep things organized.

Small and Large Pantry StorageFor a pantry large or small, capturing every inch of storage is crucial for efficiency

  • Expand storage space with floor-to-ceiling adjustable pantry shelves and cabinets.
  • A pantry with narrow shelves keeps foodstuffs easy to see.
  • Heavy-duty pullout drawers and shelves make deep shelves more accessible.
  • Incorporate a work countertop and enclosed cabinets.
  • Specialty storage racks preserve wine and spice collections.
  • Clear kitchen counters with pantry space to store pans, bowls, appliances, and serving dishes.
  • Incorporate lighting with LED shelf lights or bright overhead lighting.
  • Adjustable shelves with dividers can accommodate short and tall items, so things stay tidy.
  • Enclosed cabinets hide bulky appliances or whatever you don’t want openly displayed.

Organization is key to functionality

Organizing the space within the pantry will make every task easier, including finding the tiny spice jar you need, directing the kids to where they can help themselves to snacks and drinks, and checking supplies when making out the grocery list. An unexpected bonus is that it will be easier for family members to put away pantry items when there’s a designated place for everything!

Pantry Shelf Helps Improve pantry functionality with “shelf-helps” that maximize the space and enhance organization

  • Keep all baking products together from flour to candy sprinkles in labeled containers.
  • Group breakfast items on the same shelf, low enough so the kids can serve themselves.
  • Store canned goods in their own area, shortest cans in front so you can see what’s behind.
  • Keep oldest foods in front so they are used first, putting newer items in the back.
  • Specialty racks organize spices and store wine to preserve freshness and flavor.
  • Storage pieces like see-through canisters, stackable racks, and turntables maximize shelf space.
  • Pull-out baskets keep fresh fruit and bagged snacks in full view.
  • Heavy items like drinks and big bags of pet food should be on lowest shelves.
  • Store appliances and serving dishes on upper shelves, leaving low shelves for everyday use.
  • Utilize wall or door space with hooks for aprons and hanging storage for small items.

Clear out the pantry non-essentials

Now, with a clear vision of what you want your pantry to be, it’s time to take inventory before things go back into the pantry. Do a full assessment by completely emptying the pantry and placing its contents out where you can see everything, on countertops and the kitchen table. Item by item, determine if you need it and, if it’s food, check expiration dates. Buying in bulk can result in food going bad before it ever gets used, and if children help themselves to food, you want to be sure your pantry only contains fresh.

  • Throw away all stale and expired food, spices or vitamins, broken appliances, food the dog or cat won’t eat (they do have preferences), and worn-out table linens and kitchen towels.
  • Create a donation box for anything in good, usable condition that you no longer want, like appliances, serving dishes, and even viable food, for your favorite charity or local food bank.
  • Keep only those items you actually use, even if only once a year like a decorative turkey platter, as well as food and drinks your family likes.
  • Relocate misplaced things like tools, medicines, cleaning supplies, and other non-pantry items that have wandered in.

Give your pantry a spring facelift

If you have a brand-new pantry, you can focus on storage options that will give your stocked pantry an inviting look. Matching containers, woven baskets, and colorful bins can liven up the space and make the food even more appealing. If your pantry has a “lived-in” look from years of service, take the step of refreshing its appearance before you restock.

  • Wipe down shelves, vacuum into crevices, drawers, corners, walls, and the floor, eliminating all crumbs and spills.
  • If shelf paper is sticky to the touch or has curling edges, replace it with new, washable paper.
  • Give a fresh coat of paint to shelves and walls or put up pretty wallpaper.
  • Shelf edges can get chipped and repainting just the edges will refresh the whole look.
  • Install stick-on touch lights for additional lighting without having to deal with electricity.
  • Dress up storage jars with fancy labels; go online for free downloads, labels to purchase, or DIY ideas.
  • Matching baskets or bins can eliminate shelf clutter by keeping small items contained and organized.

Jars and Woven Baskets in Pantry  Add color, matching jars, and sturdy woven baskets for beautiful organization in the pantry

With Tailored Living, you’ll end up with a pantry that faithfully supports all that goes on in the kitchen, keeping you ready for anything. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find the designer near you. They will help you get the most function out of your kitchen and pantry space for more care-free living. As whole-home organization specialists, we also offer custom storage solutions to declutter and organize any area of your home with custom closet organizers, laundry room storage, home office design, space-saving Murphy Beds and entertainment centers, garage storage cabinets, and custom garage flooring.

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