Remodel Series #1: May is National Home Improvement Month

Do you find yourself spending more time flipping through home décor magazines and scouring Pinterest and Houzz for home improvement ideas? If so, you’re not alone. It’s springtime, and thoughts just naturally turn to home remodeling, de-cluttering and de-stressing. May is National Home Improvement Month and people are clamoring for ideas to make life at home more comfortable and enjoyable. One of the most anticipated choices of homeowners this year is expected to be siding renovations, especially when carried out by one of the best Atlanta siding companies.

If too many options for home improvement are becoming a blur and you’ve lost sight of what you really want, the design professionals at Tailored Living® are just a phone call away to help you get the most out of your home and your home improvement budget, without driving you crazy.

We are whole home organization specialists

If you’re feeling a pinch on space or exasperation with clutter, this is the perfect month to do something about it. Tailored Living offers custom storage and organization solutions for every area of your home and garage. We can help with improvements and remodeling that will give you more control of your life by restoring order and creating calm out of chaos.

So, what about your home causes the most pain? Many people get frustrated with their staircases which is why Pear Stairs have been inundated with people looking to renovate this part of the house. Here’s a quick overview of home trouble spots and even quicker solutions to whet your appetite for the Tailored Living custom remodel series. For the next several weeks, we’ll feature in-depth design solutions for specific areas of the home such as:

  • Closets are generally a source of frustration and disorder, but our custom closet organization systems can get all your bedroom closets functional and accessible for easy everyday use, for kids and adults. Utility closets and linen closets can also become fully-functional spaces.

  • Family and TV rooms fill up with everyone’s castoffs, including shoes, jackets, books, mail, phones, dishes and more. Add this on top of what’s already in the room—electronics, DVDs, games, blankets, pillows, more books, toys—and you definitely have an unwelcoming space after a while. Custom entertainment centers to the rescue.
  • Laundry rooms, especially, can create maddening piles of dirty clothes, unfolded clean clothes, wet towels, bedding, pet paraphernalia, half-used laundry products and whatever that is stuffed behind the washer. Laundry room cabinets, laundry baskets and countertops can save the day.

  • Pantries are supposed to be fabulous purveyors of fresh food, family-favorite drinks and carefully stored kitchen appliances and utensils. Most pantries, however, are not so helpful, harboring expired foods, crowding out space for the good stuff and creating the problem of nothing to fix for dinner. Capture usable, vertical space with custom pantry shelves.
  • Entryways and mudrooms can accumulate all kinds of things as random drop-off points for the family. Whether a doorway, foyer or entire room, the space can be maximized for useful storage, enabling each family member or guest to have space to stow their belongings. Custom cabinets, cubbies, baskets and hooks can keep walkways clear of clutter.

  • A home office without organization can become a nightmare of equipment jumble, stacks of paper, binders, folders and mail to the point that there is no longer space to actually get any work done. If it’s a shared space, it’s double trouble. Enclosed cabinets hide the clutter, providing clear work space, and a Murphy Bed can create an instant guest room when needed.
  • The garage can be the biggest mess of all simply because it’s the biggest space. Without proper storage, your expensive cars sit outside on the driveway instead of sheltered inside. Tools, sports equipment, holiday decorations, gardening implements and winter’s heavy coats are haphazardly stacked against the walls and sitting on the floor. Garage storage cabinets, garage flooring and custom accessories can get your garage in order for the way you live.

Let Tailored Living bring the beauty of design, increased functionality and easier accessibility to your home.

You relax, we got this!

You don’t have to go any further than your living room to figure out what storage and organization solutions would make life easier for you and your family. No running from design center to design center with a tape measure to find a perfect fit. A local Tailored Living designer will come to your home with samples of finishes, colors and hardware choices so you can easily match your existing décor. Just five easy steps will get you from disorganized chaos to delightful calm.

  • Call the Tailored Living designer in your area to schedule a free, in-home appointment and have a preliminary conversation about your needs.
  • At the consultation you’ll discuss needs, options and solutions, and exacting measurements will be taken to ensure a perfect fit of all storage systems. There’s no guesswork or apprehension, you’ll see a 3D rendition of your designs with our D’VinciTM design software so you’ll know exactly how everything will look.
  • Once you’re completely satisfied, you’ll receive a written estimate incorporating every detail about your order, including anticipated installation date.
  • Your designer monitors every step of production and will confirm installation date upon receipt of all parts and accessories of your designs.
  • Installation will be on time and completed to your satisfaction.

Take advantage of National Home Improvement Month to rethink all your space needs. Start with the most urgent need, and devise a plan to get your whole home organized. Your local Tailored Living designer can make your space work for you and your family with innovative storage solutions for closets, garages, home offices, laundry rooms, pantries, entryways and more. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.

Next in our home remodel series: Closets and indoor cabinets