Remodel Series #3: Transform Your Garage With Custom Garage Flooring

No home remodel is complete without sprucing up the garage. A new custom garage floor is just the catalyst you need to transform your garage into functional living space. Once you have a beautiful, low-maintenance floor from Tailored Living®, you’ll discover all sorts of ways to enjoy your garage that you may not have considered before.

For instance:

  • Get all the scattered sports equipment out of the house and into the garage
  • Build a garage pantry or create overflow closet storage space
  • Protect the car/truck/motorcycle by parking inside
  • Save time and money with a home gym so the family can exercise at home
  • Establish a dedicated crafts, hobby and gift wrapping space
  • Give the kids an alternative recreation area with a media room or game area
  • Install a Man Cave or She Shed for individual relaxation time
  • Streamline laundry day with a full-service laundry room built around your washer and dryer

You will truly be amazed at what can be accomplished with a clutter-free, organized garage!

Custom garage flooring, a firm foundation

Step one to a highly-functional organized garage is creating a clean and safe environment for adding garage storage cabinets, wall hanging organization systems, overhead storage and more. Working with your local Tailored Living designer, you can pick the colors and style of flooring that best suits your lifestyle and budget. Whether you choose one of our five PremierOne® epoxy floor coating styles or PremierTrax interlocking floor tiles, you’ll have a garage floor to be proud of.

PremierOne custom epoxy floor coatings

Each of the PremierOne floor coatings protect and beautify with a permanent, glossy shine that is twice as hard as most other epoxy finishes. Our hybrid polymer garage floor coatings are not just a “pretty face,” every PremierOne garage floor coating delivers value and durability you can count on.

  • Resists chipping, peeling, fading or stains
  • Withstands heat, cold and wet or dry weather conditions
  • Resists chemicals commonly found in garages, like gasoline, auto fluids and paint thinner
  • Chemically bonds with the concrete floor, creating a continuous, non-porous surface
  • Cleans up easily; nothing sticks to the surface so spills are no problem
  • Free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) making it safe for you and the environment
  • Reduces the buildup of allergens, dust and dirt that cling to unfinished concrete

With five different styles and over 40 colors to personalize your garage, you’ll be able to satisfy your design sensibilities whether you’re a color purist (Solids), a custom-mixed colored chips guy (Decorative Texture) or an artistic, one-of-a-kind enthusiast (Stratus).

PremierOne® Decorative Texture has 18 standard decorative chip patterns in large (1/4”) or small (1/8”) chips or you can also custom blend colors for a totally unique floor. The decorative chips give a slightly textured surface to the floor. For color options, click here.

PremierOne® Solids gives a seamless, solid-color floor coating in six standard neutral colors that easily coordinate with any home color scheme or our custom garage storage cabinets. For color options, click here.

PremierOne® Stone looks like high-end granite, creating a truly elegant garage floor. The 1/4” chips imitate real stone in six natural colors and are the perfect complement to our styles and finishes of custom garage storage cabinets. For color options, click here.

PremierOne® Elements gives an organic metallic luster to the floor with 1/4” genuine shaved rock chips containing mica. Available in six standard metallic colors, this floor gives the illusion of depth, sheen and texture of natural stone. For color options, click here.

PremierOne® Stratus design is created as it’s applied, so no two floors are ever alike. Swirling together a blend of natural mica particles and pearlescent pigments gives the look of molten metal in a three-dimensional abstract pattern. Available in six standard colors, or you can combine colors for a more dramatic result. For color options, click here.

PremierTrax flexible garage flooring tiles

PremierTrax flexible garage floor tiles create a durable floor with open-weave tiles that securely interlock so there’s no shifting or lifting. Its open-profile surface and unique flow-through design make it the ideal floor for a busy family garage. With an 8% rubber polypropylene mix, a PremierTrax floor is ergonomically friendly to knees and backs when spending time in the garage. With 18 available colors, you can get creative to match your favorite car, your alma mater’s colors, custom garage storage cabinets, or create a pattern that’s yours alone.

  • Define parking stalls or other areas like a home gym
  • Floor surface stays clean, reducing dirt tracked inside the house
  • Maintenance is beyond easy, spills can be hosed away
  • Even upgrade a carport with weather-resistant PremierTrax tiles
  • Tiles resist stains, cracking, fading and peeling

Installation excellence and unbeatable warranty

With Tailored Living, you’re assured of getting the highest-quality garage flooring available. Our designers and installers are trained professionals who take pride in giving you the best service possible from creative design to final installation and clean up. You designer will walk you through the process, explaining time and installation requirements so you’ll know exactly how long the process of installing a new garage floor will take.

  • Depending on the size, a PremierTrax garage floor generally has one-day installation since there are no adhesives or chemicals to cure or dry. Your new floor can be back in service the same day.
  • Surface preparation and installation of a PremierOne epoxy garage floor coating usually takes two to three days, depending on the style you choose. Then, after 24 to 36 hours to cure, you’ll have a worry-free floor that is the last garage floor you’ll ever need.
  • All garage flooring options are guaranteed against chipping, peeling and fading. Get more warranty details from your local Tailored Living designer.

Turn your garage into a user-friendly member of the family, dedicated to functionality and care-free living. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. It’s time to make your garage as beautiful as the rest of your home, and a new garage floor is just the beginning.

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