Remodel Series #4: Garage Storage Cabinets

May was National Home Improvement Month and we’re continuing our series of home improvement ideas from Tailored Living® to make life better through the beauty of organization. We’ve done:

And now it’s time for garage storage solutions that will revolutionize how you live in your garage.

Garages are notorious for inefficient storage, including random piles of boxes, tools scattered around, gardening equipment stacked in the corner, and sports equipment and general clutter eating up valuable floor space.

Custom garage storage cabinets are central to gaining control of your garage and eliminating clutter. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets capture vertical space that is often overlooked for storage possibilities and gets everything up off the floor and safely behind cabinet doors. Additional accessories for efficient garage storage include adjustable wall rack storage systems like Slatwall panels, integrated drawers, overhead storage racks and garage shelving. You have unlimited design potential to create the perfect storage solutions for your garage.

Custom garage storage cabinets

The beauty of custom cabinets is that they can be whatever you need. Floor-to-ceiling, base cabinets under a countertop, upper cabinets over a workspace, enclosed with optional locking doors and drawers, or a combination of enclosed cabinets and open shelves.

In this garage, large windows let in lots natural light, but eliminate usable wall space. Custom cabinets capture space all the way to the ceiling so there’s storage space to spare. Placing a countertop under the window means a well-lighted workspace, with added drawers for handy storage. Seldom-used items like holiday decorations can be stored in the highest cabinets, leaving low-level storage for everyday use.

Even small garages can provide functional and sufficient storage as well as accommodate parking the car. Upper cabinets can provide storage space without infringing on the space needed for opening the car doors. Outfitting one wall with cabinets and a workstation for DIY projects, crafts or gardening frees up the garage for parking or other uses such as a home gym or pool table to expand your living space.

Garages serve as a main entryway into the home and this can create chaos with everyone in the family depositing all manner of things. Incorporating a mudroom element into your garage cabinet design will provide individual storage space for your family to manage all their stuff. Jackets, hats, shoes, backpacks, sports gear … they can organize their belongings in the garage before entering the house. This will also keep the house less cluttered and ensure that they can find those items they neatly stored.

Drawers are ideal for organizing small things like tools or craft supplies. Instead of jumbled boxes or bins, divide and conquer clutter by grouping like items together, easily accessible in shallow drawers. With or without drawer dividers, it will be easy to find just the right tool for any project. Drawers also have the option of locks to protect expensive tools or prevent injury from tools ending up in the wrong hands.

These beautiful garage cabinets were designed to open up this three-car garage to a wealth of possibilities. Lots of space doesn’t automatically mean lots of functionality. An unplanned large garage can easily become as messy as a small garage, only on a larger scale. Custom garage cabinets designed around the windows and a full-size refrigerator create sufficient cabinet space to store everything in this garage, eliminating clutter and creating a safe environment. There is room for parking multiple cars, as well as possibly setting up a man cave or media center in the individual stall area, close to the fridge to keep drinks and snacks at hand.

Garage cabinet styles and colors for custom design

With Tailored Living, you’ll find cabinet styles and colors to suit every taste and every budget.

  • Traditional wood garage cabinets in six laminate finishes, including Maple, Windswept Bronze, Windswept Pewter, Cocoa, White and Silver Frost. (Special order colors are also available.)
  • Powder-coated wood cabinet doors come in Tech Red and Slate for brilliant color and high-tech durability.
  • Thermofoil wood cabinet doors are a high-pressure laminate finish that accommodates raised panel details for a silky-smooth finish in High Gloss Black or Red, or Carbon Fiber for a textured look.
  • Our PremierGarage Metal Cabinet Series gives the toughest, heavy-duty metal garage cabinets available in a powder-coated black finish with full-length anodized aluminum handles and soft-close hinges and slides.

Don’t let your home improvement momentum die down! Tailored Living can help you take care of every storage and organization dream on your list with innovative storage solutions for your whole home and garage. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Sign up for our free eNewsletter to stay up-to-date with the newest design trends for your home.

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