Remodel Series #5: Dual-purpose Rooms--Home Office, Guest Room and TV Room

No home remodeling series would be complete without addressing dual-purpose rooms. More than one activity in a room can exponentially increase the clutter, especially since more activities mean more people, more clutter and more stress! So to help with some of your most challenging rooms, Tailored Living’s® final home improvement series installment covers how to efficiently use rooms that may serve multiple purposes. Start with a few questions:

  • What activities take place in the room?
  • How many degrees of separation do the activities need?
  • Are activity times delineated, such as daytime office/nighttime bedroom?
  • Do multiple activities take place at the same time?

The answers to these questions will help determine what types of storage and organization solutions are needed to maximize your space and create care-free living for your family. Custom cabinetry from Tailored Living is the best way to optimize space for any room in your home. Designing storage solutions for exacting dimensions and functionality ensures that all needs will be addressed in the most beautiful way possible for your multi-purpose rooms.

The efficient home office

Home offices come in all sizes from a kitchen corner to a full room. Whether or not your home office is just for work or doubles as a guest room or other use, you want to be able to work effectively as well as accommodate other uses of the room. A custom home office design to perfectly fit your space incorporates cabinets, desktops and shelves to create storage and functionality for all users.

  • Custom office design can allow for multiple workstations for multiple users.
  • Your workspace stays free of clutter by using drawers or cabinets for things you continually use like paper, pens, and files, while equipment like printers and scanners can store behind closed doors so work surfaces stay clear.
  • Locking cabinets, drawers and filing cabinets securely protect proprietary documents or keep potentially dangerous equipment away from the curious (also known as little children).
  • A Murphy Bed incorporated into a custom home office design stays out of sight until needed, so your home office is fully functional for work the rest of the time.
  • Dedicate one or more enclosed cabinets to the “other use” of the room, such as crafts supplies and wrapping paper to turn the office into DIY central when required.

The entertainment-focused family or TV room

Family rooms are designed for family fun, including lounging, movie nights and play of all kinds. In a great room setting, together-but-separate is the key to successfully maintaining such a busy space. Innovative, custom storage solutions such as bookcases, cabinets and armoires can bring organization right to where it’s needed.

Entertainment centers can add storage and style to organize a family TV room by consolidating and storing all your media, including DVDs, CDs, Game Boys, Wii and accessories, and more. Designing storage for the things your family actually uses in the space will keep essentials conveniently close at hand whether you have an available corner or lots of wall space.

  • Enclosed cabinets will hide equipment, wires and controls to eliminate clutter
  • Drawers can neatly organize hundreds of DVDs, CDs and games
  • Open shelves can display what you like to look at: books, family photos or decorative art
  • An entertainment center can be custom-built around a fireplace, window or doorway, as well as to accommodate that new 75” ultra-HD TV

If the TV room also serves as a reading room or play room, bookshelves or cabinets can serve as room dividers, cordoning off specific sections. Furniture groupings can also set apart a conversation or reading area away from the TV viewing space, and a poker table claims game territory. Low bookshelves or cabinets for toys coupled with an area rug can create a special play area for the kids. If the room is not carpeted, additional rugs will muffle the noise of multiple activities.

The enjoyable guest room

Guest rooms quite often double as sewing rooms, craft or hobby rooms, a reading retreat, exercise room or a home office. A conventional bed will devour floor space, seriously restricting usage for other purposes. One solution is a Murphy Bed that folds up out of the way when not in use. Another solution is custom cabinetry to facilitate all activities of the room. For example:

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets with adjustable shelves and drawers can keep craft and sewing supplies or workout equipment available but out of sight
  • A wall of library shelves creates the perfect reading room while taking up very little space so there’s room for a comfy chair, table and reading lamp
  • A custom closet system maximizes closet space so there is ample general storage (like seasonal clothes or linens) as well as room for a guest to hang their things
  • A small built-in desk with shelves and drawers can be a homework station or home office

Determine how you intend to use the room in addition to a part-time guest room. Do you need desks and cabinets for a home office, or yoga mats and exercise equipment for a home gym? Factor in a section of wall space for a Murphy Bed, either a single, full, queen or king size, with or without surrounding cabinets so you can control the space. Although the Murphy Bed cabinet is only 16” deep when closed, it accommodates a real mattress (no skinny foam liner) so there’s no sacrificing your guests’ comfort.

However you use your space, Tailored Living’s designers can help you maximize for functionality and beauty. Our custom cabinetry comes in many colors and finishes to match any décor, with optional integrated LED lighting, glass-inset doors, decorative base and crown molding, custom hardware and more.

If clutter and chaos are getting you down, we can help. As whole home organization specialists, We Got This! for closets, home offices, pantries, laundry rooms, garages and more. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation and start getting optimum use out of every room in your home.

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