Reorganize the Laundry Room for Greater Efficiency

Doing the laundry is more than wrestling clothes from the washer to the dryer and back to the bedrooms. While that alone is daunting, add in sorting, folding, stain removal and hunting for “hidden” treasure in pockets, and the task just gets more complicated. If doing the laundry at your house is overwhelming, a little custom laundry room organization help from Tailored Living® might be what you need. Laundry day can become almost enjoyable with space for sorting and folding, storage for laundry products and the means to effectively manage the mountains of dirty clothes, towels, linens, bedding, uniforms, rugs and whatever else you wash for your busy family.

Customize with wonderful laundry room amenities

Whether you have a small or large laundry room, Tailored Living can maximize your space for efficiency and making quick work of doing the laundry. Utilizing upper and lower cabinets, drawers, shelves and hanging space, chaos will disappear, leaving calm organization in its place. Keeping essentials close at hand will help you clean, fold, press and repair your clothes before they return to drawers and closets.

  • If laundry baskets are kept in bedroom closets, make each person responsible to bring their basket to the laundry room, along with all the empty hangers.
  • Or, have hampers or baskets in the laundry room to collect dirty clothes daily. Sort by darks, whites, delicates, dry cleaning, heavily soiled uniforms, pet blankets, etc., or have a hamper/laundry basket for each person.
  • Built-in countertops for folding and stacking clothes straight from the dryer will cut down on ironing. For small spaces, use a folding table while laundry day is in full swing, then hide it away.

  • Post a stain removal guide inside the cabinet door where laundry products are stored for quick reference. If everyone does laundry, also post “how-to” guides for the washer and dryer.
  • An integrated laundry sink will make it easier to soak or pre-treat stains, rinse heavily-soiled items before they go into the washer, or hand wash delicates and hang them up to dry.
  • Use hanging rods for air drying and holding clothes on hangers. Retractable rods can convert a small space into valuable hanging room, as well as fold-out racks and built-in clothes rods.
  • Make quick repairs, like a loose hem or dropped button, with a laundry room sewing kit. Don’t send clothes that need repair back to the bedrooms, have a basket set aside for needed repairs when a quick-fix won’t work.
  • A pull-out ironing board or a steam brush can make quick work of wrinkles or set a crisp crease.
  • Keep a wastebasket handy for lint, used dyer sheets and surprises like gum wrappers and wadded tissues.
  • A basket for pocket contents will make it simple for everyone to retrieve pens, hair clips, keys or anything else that was forgotten in a pocket.

Tips For averting laundry disasters

The time to check for stains is not when you’re unloading the dryer. Take some pre-emptive measures to ensure a more care-free laundry experience. Your clothes will thank you.

  • Pretreat any stains before washing
  • Check all pockets for forgotten items
  • Zip up zippers, they can tear during washer agitation or the exposed metal teeth can harm other garments
  • Unroll socks, sleeves, turned up hems, etc.; wadded, tangled items don’t wash well
  • Use appropriate water temperature, detergent, fabric softener (DIYers, click here for homemade fabric softeners)
  • Check the care labels if unsure how to clean specific items
  • Be sure washer drum is clean before starting a new load, i.e., no lint, residue or pocket change
  • Clean the lint filter on the dryer after every load to avoid buildup

A light-hearted look at laundry

Generally, one doesn’t think of laundry as funny but, like everything else in life, it has its moments. “Listening in” to online commenters, you can even find funny laundry stories, from precocious kids to OCD husbands. Can you relate?

  • I was out one day and on returning home, my husband informed me our 10-year-old daughter decided to do the laundry. I cringed, picturing all our clothes pink, but she actually did it perfectly! I asked her where she learned to do the laundry and she replied, "YouTube!"
  • Teen-who-should-know-better tried to take the lazy way out of his team responsibility to wash the dozens of dirty practice golf balls by popping them into the washer. Luckily, only one dent was the result--to the washer door, not the teen.
  • My husband washes his clothes, sheets, towels, and our son's clothes every day. I had to fight with him to let me wash my own clothes since I don't like colors to run and clothes to shrink. And I’ve had to decide it’s nice that he does the laundry.

If laundry day at your house is not in any way amusing, maybe some reorganizing in in order. Not so you can giggle at stain removal, but so you get the laundry done quickly and efficiently and have more time for the real fun things in life.

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