Revolutionize Your Closets During National Home Improvement Month

Spring is here and home improvement fever runs high! After the confines of winter, homeowners from tiny homes to sprawling ranch houses are revisiting favorite home project lists and making plans to update their living spaces. National Home Improvement Month is the perfect time to finally tackle those family closets and get rid of one of the biggest organizational challenges of any home and reduce clutter once and for all!

Organized closets can change your life

Organized closets can start and end every day on a brighter note for everyone. Regardless of age—from elementary-school to adult—a messy, disorganized closet is frustrating and probably inevitable if no thought has gone into functional design. One hanging rod and shoes on the floor do not a closet make! Few people can look at a closet and envision useful and convenient storage, and DIY solutions provide limited success. Tailored Living’s® designers are experts at creating custom closet systems to maximize all your closets with innovative closet storage solutions designed for each user’s specific needs, making closet clutter a thing of the past.

Eliminate conflict in a shared closet

Shared closets are notoriously known for stimulating fights and hurt feelings. One person takes too much space; one is neat, and one is messy. Too many shoes is a common point of contention as well as the “other person” having too many of the same thing and hogging the space. A shared closet requires compromise and respect, along with maximized space for each user, and a Tailored Living closet will set the stage for peace in the closet.

  •     Floor-to-ceiling solutions capture all available space for efficient storage.
  •     Tiered hanging rods customize to long and short items, doubling hanging space.
  •     Individual cabinets, closet shelves and drawers give each person protected territory.
  •     Shoe racks organize dozens of pairs of shoes from sandals to boots.
  •     Specialty racks for ties, belts and scarves keep accessories handy.

Purging wardrobes regularly will keep closet contents under control and ensure that the valuable space contains clothes and accessories that are loved and worn. Seasonal garments can be stored elsewhere in underbed or garage storage so that the everyday closet is user-friendly and appealing.

A child and a teen have different closet needs

As children grow, their closet needs evolve. Where once bins for toys and socks were sufficient to control closet clutter, as they grow up, kids need more organization to maintain school, play and work essentials. Make it easy for your kids to stay organized at every stage of life with a custom closet design just for them.

  •     Low hanging rods, shelves, decorative hooks, and pull-put baskets give easy access to little people.
  •     In a young child’s closet, high shelves can hold seldom-used items and storage for mom’s convenience.
  •     Older teens will need more hanging space and appreciate enclosed drawers for accessories like jewelry, sunglasses and electronics.
  •     Adjustable shelves keep neatly folded items like jeans, sweaters, and Tee-shirts visible and ready to wear.

Discover the efficiency of reach-in closets and boost storage capability

While walk-in closets remain the ultimate closet dream, not everyone believes they are the best use of space and argue that reach-in closets are ideal, especially in small rooms. If you don’t have the option of a walk-in closet, don’t despair. Tailored Living can create a custom closet design for a reach-in closet to maximize the space and create beautiful storage. You may even discover that your closet looks so pretty the doors can be removed, making your room feel larger.

  •      Custom cabinetry can make your closet system match your existing décor in color and style.
  •      All available space becomes efficient storage with shoe racks, drawers, and both pull-out and stationary shelves.
  •      Tiered closet rods customize hanging space to suit your wardrobe.
  •     Add special closet accessories like velvet-lined jewelry drawers, valet rods, and a pull-out hamper.

Convert a spare bedroom or attic into a walk-in closet and dressing room

If more closet space is your goal in home improvement, converting non-closet space to closet space can be the solution. An outgrown playroom or nursery, seldom-used guest room, or an attic can be converted into a stunning walk-in closet and dressing room. Architectural issues like sloped ceilings, windows, or odd-shaped rooms can be overcome with custom closet features that perfectly fit the space. With meticulous planning, even awkward corners can become a useful space.

  • Hanging rods group like items together in sections for easy access.
  • Shoes, boots, and hats display on open shelves with space for more on the long shelf tops.
  • Drawers hide the clutter of lingerie, folded tops, shorts, and accessories.

Love your organized closets

Although this focus has been on bedroom closets, other types of closets can benefit from a custom closet organization system. Linen closets, utility closets, and hall closets can all be sources of clutter and unnecessary aggravation. Tailored Living’s whole home organization specialists can help with getting every closet in your home functional and fabulous! Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Check out our online Design Guide for ideas and home improvement projects for your entire home, including garage storage and custom garage flooring, pantry design, laundry room organization, home offices and more.