Safely Store Off-Season Clothes with Custom Garage Storage Cabinets

If finding your favorite summer tee means moving a pile of winter sweaters out of the way, you’re experiencing seasonal clothing clutter. Not all closets are big enough to handle the clothes you need for an entire year, and this can apply to either reach-in or walk-in closets. Depending on how many clothes you have, one closet may never be enough! Multiply this by the number of family members and you may have “the perfect storm” in your home every day.

Having quick access to the proper clothes and accessories for the current season makes getting dressed every day and for any activity a lot easier. It’s certainly the goal of every closet to keep you organized and well-dressed, but if you’ve maximized the family closets with custom closet organization systems and there’s still overflow, what’s a mother to do?

  • You can toss out seasonal clothing when the seasons change and buy all new next year
  • Try to force the family to live with minimalist wardrobes of 20 or 30 pieces
  • Learn to love the mess of shoe and clothing piles and tangles

None of those solutions are very practical. One would be extremely expensive, one would really annoy everyone, and trying to live with messiness creates stress, even for the naturally messy.

There is one solution you may not have considered: capture storage space in the garage for the family’s off-season clothing needs with custom garage storage cabinets.

Garage cabinets provide year-round clothing storage

Just as closet organization systems maximize closet space, custom garage storage cabinets from Tailored Living can convert unused space in the garage into highly-functional and efficient storage, including clothes storage. Floor-to-ceiling enclosed cabinets with adjustable shelves provide tons of garage storage so you’ll be able to store everything from motor oil and sports equipment to clothing and accessories in complete safety.

A garage is a busy place, so storing clothing in the garage does require some precautions to ensure that nothing gets damaged with everything else that goes on in the garage.

  • Clothes should be stored separate from everything else; wool scarves and sweaters shouldn’t cozy up to dad’s handyman tools
  • Select a cabinet or two and dedicate it to clothes storage only so off-season clothes don’t get moved all around the garage during their months in storage
  • Since a garage is usually not as climate-controlled as the rest of the house, moisture can be a consideration

Tailored Living wants you to live happily ever after with your closets and your clothes, so here are some helpful tips for safely storing your family’s off-season clothes in custom garage storage cabinets. You can keep both warm weather and cold weather wardrobes in good condition all year long and give your closets a break.

Hanging storage in cabinets

  • Tiered hanging rods and sturdy hangers can accommodate bulky coats and jackets without crushing and wrinkling
  • Cedar-lined cabinets give added protection against moths or other pests
  • Garment bags are an additional layer of protection for long-time storage
  • Wash or dry clean everything before storing
  • If the smell of moth balls repels you too, place herbal sachets of lavender, rosemary, cloves, mint, thyme, cinnamon or eucalyptus inside the cabinets to deter bugs and banish musty smells

Storage bins or boxes

  • Plastic bins with lids are ideal for long-term storage; resistant to moisture and pests and you can see what’s stored inside
  • If you use cardboard boxes for storage, place items in plastic bags before placing in the boxes
  • Only store clean, dry clothes and accessories; neatly fold everything
  • Store footwear separate from clothing and place shoe deodorizers into boots and shoes to freshen and block moisture
  • Place scented dryer sheets or herbal sachets on the shelves or inside each box or bin
  • Use similar-sized storage bins or boxes for more efficient stacking
  • Use removable labels so when seasonal swap-outs are done, you can relabel the contents

Extending clothes storage to the garage will make it easier for bedroom closets to stay organized by removing seasonal items that won’t be worn for a while. The process of swapping out seasonal wear will be a natural time for purging items that are worn out or no longer fit. This will be a big help to keep closets under control for kids and parents alike.

So even if your closets are bulging and your home is populated with fashionistas who love clothes, you can efficiently master seasonal wardrobe swaps by commandeering garage space for safely storing off-season wear in custom garage cabinets. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. As whole home organization specialists, we can also help with innovative storage solutions for any area of your home where unseemly clutter is taking over, including closets, laundry rooms, home offices and more.