School’s Out—Organization Tips to Get Ready for Summer

Summertime is everyone’s favorite time of the year with no school, family vacations, slumber parties and more time at home with the kids. But summer can also bring major shifts to everyday life and, ready or not, it’s here!

  • Kids have more free time to fill
  • You’ll need more food and drinks handy
  • The noise level increases
  • Summer wardrobes need updating
  • Mom’s taxi service may go into overdrive shuttling kids around
  • Drop-in guests and impromptu sleepovers
  • Work-at-home moms or dads will have people around during the day

Organization and planning can go a long way to lessening the chaos and having more fun during the short, sweet summer months. Here are some helpful tips from Tailored Living® so you can embrace this special time of year with more peace at home.

Tip 1:  Head off the “transitional” clutter

Don’t let the end-of-school clutter infiltrate bedrooms, closets and entryways. In all the excitement, it’s not uncommon to just dump all the school trappings into the nearest corner or kick it under the bed. Out-of-sight/out-of-mind till next school year is not a good plan. Over-stuffed backpacks, reams of papers, projects, and school supplies should be dealt with immediately. It won’t take long, and it will help reduce stress and mess both now and later.

  • Toss any school supplies that have been used up: dried glue sticks, broken crayons, pens and markers that are done. Only keep items that are still good.
  • Select what papers, projects or reports to keep from the school year and discard the rest. Store the year’s keepsakes in a marked box or bin and display special awards or pictures in frames or an album.
  • Replace a torn or stained backpack now if it will be needed for summer use.
  • School uniforms or gym clothes that will carry over to next year need to be washed before putting them away.

Tip Two:  Do a wardrobe check

Growing kids can outgrow clothes faster than you can say, “Why don’t you wear that anymore?” Do a quick purge of clothes that no longer fit and make sure they’ve got a closet full of comfortable clothes to see them through the summer. Shorts, tops, bathing suits and sandals are usually the wardrobe of choice but think a little beyond daytime-only wear so that, at a moment’s notice, they’ll be ready for anything.

  • Nice pair of jeans that look and fit well.
  • At least one pair of pajamas that can go to a friend’s sleepover.
  • Tennis shoes and dress shoes that fit; no pinching toes.
  • New socks without holes or stains.
  • A good light jacket that can be casual or dressy.
  • Party dress or pants and shirt for restaurant meals or special events.

Tip Three:  Get some new games, books, crafts and movies

As much as kids are excited to be out of school, they eventually get bored and you’ll hear, “There’s nothing to doooooo!” When the “new” of summer wears off, have some surprises ready. Shut off the electronics and give them hands-on experiences to fill the hours.

  • Buy puzzles of various levels of difficulty; kid-level they can do themselves and tougher ones to do as a family.
  • Put real books into their hands of a favorite author or subject of special interest.
  • Get each child a blank journal and let them fill it up.
  • Stock crafting supplies so they can create something: jewelry, birdhouse, dinosaur skeleton, etc.
  • Introduce them to some of the movies you loved as a kid, complete with popcorn and sodas.
  • Buy vintage outdoor games like horseshoes, croquet, ring toss, mini golf, penguin bowling.

Tip Four:  Maximize play and entertaining space

This is a biggie because everyone will want space to do their own thing. Togetherness is great, but there will be times when kids, teens and adults want space to themselves and their friends. Making sure you have several spaces for separate activities will create more options for fun and eliminate clashes over territory when entertaining or just relaxing.

  • If you have a pool, be sure it’s ready for use, with outdoor seating and shade options; stock beach towels, sunscreen, pool toys and floating rafts and lounges.
  • Make the patio user-friendly with outdoor furniture, umbrellas, drink coolers and a barbeque.
  • If a hot concrete pool deck or patio is a problem, PremierTrax interlocking tiles can create a safe, cool surface.
  • Set up an extra media/game room in the garage or basement.
  • Create a crafts area in the family room, dining room or guest room.
  • Expand sleeping space with a Murphy Bed or two so overnight guests are no problem.

Tailored Living can help you maximize summer fun with storage and organization solutions that calm the chaos in every area of your home. Our whole home organization specialists can help with custom closet storage systems, garage cabinets and garage flooring, home office design, pantries, laundry rooms, Murphy Beds, entertainment/media centers and more.  Call 866-712-3404 today. Flip through our online Design Solutions Guide for inspiration and sign up for our free eNewsletter to stay current with design trends, special promotions and valuable product information.