Seven Custom Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Moving to a new home can be an exciting adventure, but there is the inevitable frustration of insufficient or inconvenient storage once you begin moving in all your possessions. Neural pathways in the brain contain patterns for how you’re used to functioning (sort of like being on auto-pilot) and confusion sets in when suddenly nothing is where it’s always been. You pop open a cabinet to grab a coffee mug and find dishes. The mugs are now on the other side.
If you find you are struggling for space still, you can always look into storage space services such as these Dublin City Self Storage.

Especially if you’ve downsized to less space, life can become even more of a challenge. Going from a walk-in closet or pantry to a reach-in style is truly a form of culture shock! You see space, but how do you make it uber-efficient? The quickest way is to call your local Tailored Living®. Whole home storage and organization specialists with closets, pantries, laundry rooms, home offices, garages and more, your local Tailored Living designer will come to your home and help you create glorious calm out of chaos with custom storage solutions that are tailor-made for your unique situation. If you are still trying to find the right amount of storage, then a simple solution can be to use something like this storage pueblo to help you out. You don't have to use this self-storage all the time, instead, you can just use it to help you sort through all of your things first.

Whether you’re new to small space or you’ve been in modest dimensions for some time, here are seven storage solutions that can help turn small spaces into highly functional living space.

Customize a reach-in closet to the user

Chances are that everyone in the family has different closet needs. A corporate-world working adult will require more hanging space for suits and accessories than a college student who lives in jeans and sweatshirts. Our custom closet storage systems can transform a reach-in closet into fully-functional space with cabinets, shelves, drawers, shoe racks and closet accessories like valet rods, integrated laundry hampers and tie and belt racks. With storage solutions designed according to wardrobe needs there is no wasted or unused space. Check out Custom Closet Design With Maximum-Efficiency Closet Accessories for more tips.

Maximize a small pantry with floor-to-ceiling storage

If your pantry has deep shelves, it’s hard to see what you have and to actually be able to access all the contents. By installing pull-out drawers, all the space becomes readily available and it’s easy to find what you need when it’s time for dinner. Forgotten food won’t expire in the back of the pantry and family members can find snacks and drinks without hollering, “Mom!” Enclosed cabinets, open adjustable shelves, custom wine and spice racks, and pull-out bins and drawers can customize any pantry into highly-efficient storage for food, supplies and small appliances.

An entertainment center can revolutionize TV viewing

Family rooms and TV rooms are for relaxing and kicking back, but that doesn’t mean you want it to be cluttered and messy. A small room can become ultra-organized with a custom entertainment center that houses all the electronics, games, accessories and movies your family can collect. You won’t need lots of pieces of furniture crammed into the room with an all-inclusive storage system that brings it all together and hides the mess behind closed doors. If you want a TV, bookshelf and decorative accessories in a small master bedroom, a custom media center can provide all you need for function and comfort, leaving room for the king size bed.

The answer to a tiny bedroom is a Murphy Bed

Sometimes secondary bedrooms can be quite small. Put in a bed and a dresser and there’s not much “moving around” space left! If the room is a bedroom or home office, living space is important for day-to-day activities and a bed can take up a lot of that space. The ideal solution for a busy, tiny room is a Murphy Bed. During the day it folds away into a beautiful cabinet, freeing up the room for other activities. When it’s time for bed, it effortlessly unfolds to a regular mattress in twin, full, queen or king size, already made up with sheets, blankets and pillows. Any room can become a guest room with a Murphy Bed ready to provide comfort whenever guests arrive.

Hallways harbor hidden storage space

Hallways are often overlooked as viable storage space. Especially those shallow bump-outs at the end that don’t seem to have any real purpose. With some innovative design energy, that hallway niche can be turned into a linen closet, pantry or decorative display, incorporating valuable storage. Custom cabinetry with decorative hardware, glass inset doors, glass shelves, crown molding and integrated lighting can create beautiful and useful small space/big storage elements in your home that look like they truly belong.

Window seats are back in style

Window seats are an excellent way to provide additional seating and storage anywhere in the house. In a dining room, it can create a breakfast nook, transform a bedroom with a cushy window seat and surrounding cabinets, or convert that awkward bay window into an elegant seating area. A custom window seat from Tailored Living will match your home’s existing décor style so it won’t look like an after-thought. Add a cushion and pillows for a relaxing reading spot, or fill it up with stuffed animals in a child’s room. A window seat can be designed as a shelf-style storage bench, with a lift-up top for hidden storage.

Make your small garage big on organization

If you have a small garage that fits your car and very little else, you still can have an efficient, organized garage with custom garage storage cabinets. Tailored Living can help you determine exactly how much space there is in your garage to convert to storage and then design the space to facilitate what you want, whether a work/hobby bench, enclosed storage cabinets, or tools and sports equipment storage. By creating a central organization space, the whole garage will stay clutter-free.

Small space living is popular with families just starting out, baby-boomers and empty-nesters downsizing, and minimalists dedicated to carefree living, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or style. Custom storage pieces will fit perfectly in the space you have and Tailored Living’s wide range of styles, colors and textures ensures you can have exactly the look you want to enhance your home’s beauty. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Scroll through our Design Solutions Guide to discover just some of the possibilities.