Seven Garage Storage Ideas for Every Home

The popular game show, Family Feud, gives a good look into society’s psyche through surveying a large studio audience on random questions. To the question, “What do you keep in your garage?” the top answers are not so surprising…cars, tools, bicycle and lawn mower. Of course, we can add to the list with skateboards, motorcycles, furniture, camping equipment, treadmill, weights, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

Garages are a catch-all for most homeowners.  Instead of “What do you keep in your garage?” a better question may be “How do you store all those things in your garage?” Tailored Living® can help you have a beautifully organized and fully-functional garage no matter what you keep in it, whether it’s vintage surveying equipment, an impressive collection of Barbie dolls or your cars. With a custom garage storage system, including garage cabinets and accessories, you’ll be amazed at how much space your garage actually has.

Here are seven simple garage storage ideas that will help to keep any garage organized and, hopefully, avoid a family feud of your own.

One:  Consolidate tools and equipment

Garage storage cabinets can organize and safely store everything from power drills to screwdrivers so you can always find the right tool for any job. Enclosed cabinets with heavy-duty, 1” adjustable shelves can hold larger tools, while drawers in lower cabinets can accommodate smaller hand tools and other supplies like nails and screws. Use drawer dividers to separate screwdrivers from pliers and hammers, keeping all your tools protected from dust, rust and loss. Add a worktop to create a functional work space and keep your garage in perfect order.

Two: Manage sports equipment

Sports equipment can be quite the space hog, like surf boards, hockey sticks and sleds. Storing large items presents a real challenge, but so can smaller ones when there are a lot of them, such as baseball bats, balls, mitts, shoes, uniforms, etc. Often, sports equipment ends up piled in a corner where it can become damaged or create a tripping hazard. Garage cabinets can safely store all kinds of sporting equipment, or wall hanging storage systems are another option. Gridwall Racks and Slatwall panels have accessory parts that include hooks, baskets and shelves to accommodate everything from surf boards to ping pong balls. Heavy-duty specialty racks are available for golf bags, bicycles and skis.

Three: Overhead storage

Capturing vertical storage is an integral part of maximizing storage in any space. In a garage, overhead space is usually overlooked. The garage door claims space, and open beams and rafters don’t immediately make you think of effective storage. With Tailored Living’s all-steel construction ceiling-mounted overhead storage racks, you can capture that valuable, unused space. Holiday decorations are a great option for overhead storage, as are surf boards, sleeping bags, snow tires, sleds and other seldom-used items, leaving low-level storage for everyday needs.

Four: Kid-friendly storage

Children aren’t naturally neatniks, but sometimes they may not put things away because they can’t reach where the item is supposed to go, or there is no designated spot. Garage cabinets with shelves, sturdy hooks and cubbies at reachable levels allow little ones to manage their own sports equipment, or put school backpacks where they can retrieve them in the morning. Low storage options eliminate the risk of climbing on boxes to reach something, and doors and drawers with soft-close hinges and slides protect fingers from getting pinched.

Five: An organized laundry area

If the laundry area is in the garage, make it a user-friendly space. Upper and lower cabinets and shelves around the washer and dryer will facilitate getting the task done in record time by keeping essentials like laundry soap, fabric softener and stain removers right with the machines. Incorporate enough hampers for dirty clothes, and have hanging racks for hang-dry items and clothes right out of the dryer (to avoid wrinkles). Install a countertop for sorting and folding with shelves to neatly hold folded laundry.

Six: Floor-to-ceiling open shelves

Shelves are a good solution when cabinets would take up too much space. Shelves can be configured to fit anywhere, around water heaters, air vents and in odd spaces like corners. They can cover an entire wall, or just portions. To maximize storage, use same-size boxes or bins and store the heaviest things on the lower shelves and lighter items up high. Plastic bins with lids are an excellent resource for garage storage since they protect against moisture, dust and insects and last longer than cardboard boxes. Use clear plastic bins or solid colors to color code storage, like red for Christmas and blue for the 4th of July. Use labels to identify the contents.

Seven: The importance of safety

Part of efficient storage is safety. We’ve all seen clips of people opening a closet door and getting buried in an avalanche! In a garage, where tools and hazardous products abound, a few precautionary measures can forestall disaster.

  • Locks for doors and drawers give security when needed, such as expensive tools. Hazardous products like anti-freeze, fertilizers and paint can be safely out of reach and secure behind locked doors.
  • Shop Vacs, coiled hoses and shovels or rakes piled up or leaning against the walls invite falls, so keep clear walkways to avoid injury.
  • Have step stools and ladders available to reach high-level storage.
  • Install sufficient lighting so you can clearly see all areas of the garage.
  • Use rugs to catch spills and to wipe messy feet before entering the house.
  • Place anti-fatigue mats where you do extended standing, like at a workbench or the laundry.
  • Durable, low maintenance garage flooring, either a PremierOne® epoxy floor coating or PremierTrax interlocking floor tiles, will keep your garage cleaner year round, in all kinds of weather.

These garage storage ideas can get your garage organized and keep the space safe for your family. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation. They’ll help you determine the very best garage organization ideas that fit your lifestyle and your specific storage needs.

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