Seven Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Toys

Toys can be a force to reckon with and the more kids you have, the more toys until it can feel like they’ve taken over the entire house! The same rules that apply to any home storage and organization challenge can be applied to managing toys. Purging, organizing, and ensuring everything has a place will be the keys to living peacefully with your children and all their toys! Tailored Living® offers up seven innovative and efficient toy storage ideas to help with organizing your kids’ toys and eliminating the ensuing clutter of a day well played.

TL-9-23-1.jpgShelves can anchor a room and create oodles of storage for organized and easily accessible toy storage

Shelves and cubbies work for any age child

Shelves and cubbies are ideal to create lots of bedroom or playroom storage. For younger children, storage cubes on the lowest shelves make it easy to sort and organize their toys, corralling small things like Legos® and building blocks in separate labeled bins. As kids get older, shelving systems grow with them even as storage needs change to include more books, games, electronics, and collectibles that are always on display. With shelves, incorporating bins, baskets, and trays lets your child customize the space to exactly how they prefer to store and organize.

Hanging storage options multiply space

TL-9-23-2.jpgHanging toy storage can utilize corners and doors for very useful storage that kids can easily access

Hanging toy storage can accommodate large and small items, collectively or individually. Stuffed animals are especially good for mesh hammocks and hangers since they are lightweight and can “squish” into places hard-edged toys don’t fit. A stretchy hammock can hold lots of stuffed animals while taking up very little space. Divided hangers allow for separating items and storing things together such as bears in one section, dogs in one, and cats in another. Small toys can also be stored in divided hangers, allowing your child to manage their toys as they choose. Over-the-door pocket hangers are another option to create valuable storage space for sorting and organizing favorite toys.

Underbed storage is easier on wheels

TL-9-23-3.jpgUnderbed storage captures unused space that can neatly store lots of toys, games, and books

Wheeled under-bed storage options make it easy for even small children to access their toys as well as put them away. With wheels, under-bed storage containers slide right out and the shallow depth keeps the contents visible, there’s no piled-up jumble as can happen in deep toy boxes. Toys, books, games, and puzzles stack neatly in place so everything is easy to find. When playtime is done, return the toys to the box or bin, slide them back under the bed and the room is clean!

Traveling storage keeps toys from taking over

TL-9-23-4.jpgMovable storage options make it easy to keep toys where they belong instead of scattered throughout the house

Rather than have a stash of toys in every room, traveling storage can follow where your child wants to play and then follow right back into the bedroom! Stacked bins on wheels and pull carts let your child choose what they want to play within the family room or your home office as you work, and very easily relocate, taking the toys with them rather than leaving them scattered behind. Then, when not being played with, the toys are wheeled back into the bedroom or playroom, eliminating bedtime sweeps of every room in the house to pick up toys.

Baskets provide toy storage where you need it

TL-9-23-5.jpgStorage baskets come in styles and colors to fit any room, making toy storage an element of design

It’s not uncommon for families with children to keep various toys in several rooms of the house. Maybe the TV room has available toys and some in the sunroom or in mom’s sewing room. Baskets are a great way to have toys at the ready without creating clutter. Fun styles for the kids or styles to blend with the room’s décor can keep toys handy but out of sight until it’s time to play. Baskets are easy to slip into a closet or transport to another location if the space needs to be devoid of toys.

Integrated storage in a dual-purpose room

TL-9-23-6.jpgYou’d never guess the volume of toys that is behind these beautiful cabinets in this multi-purpose family room

Guest rooms often serve as playrooms, craft rooms, or a home gym when guests aren’t in residence. In these circumstances, built-in toy storage can be part of the room design with toy bins behind cabinet doors, a storage window seat, bench or ottoman, or toy cubbies in the closet. The family room/craft room pictured above has lots of built-in cabinets to store the myriad crafting supplies as well as stacks of games, puzzles, and toy bins that disappear from sight when not in use.

Space in the closet for toy storage

TL-9-23-7.jpgUntil the closet has expanded wardrobe needs, toddlers and young children can store some of their toys right in the closet

Closets are also viable options for toy storage, especially with a custom closet organization system that incorporates shelves and pullout drawers and bins that make storage easy in conjunction with hanging rods for wardrobe management. For young kids, the bottom of the closet can serve to store toys in bins and on shelves that they can reach without assistance. They can independently get what they want to play with and then return it when it’s cleanup time.

Tips for winning the war on toys

Here are some additional ideas for winning the war of the toys. Children truly won’t suffer if they don’t get all their toys all the time. In fact, learning some responsibility around managing their toys is good training for later in life. Do yourself and your kids a favor by not letting toys become a stress point in the home:

  • Set limits as to where your children can play with their toys by reserving some adult spaces where toys aren’t allowed.
  • Don’t have all the toys available all the time. Keep out the toys that are currently being played with and store the rest away. In a few months, swap out what’s stored and it will feel like new toys.
  • Limit the number of toys they can play with at a time such as five on the floor and everything else on the shelves or in the toy box.
  • Do a periodic purge of toys they’ve outgrown, no longer play with, or are broken.
  • Let your child help determine the storage solutions for their toys, i.e., cutesy animal storage bins, so they are on board with actually using them.

If toys are just the tip of the iceberg in getting clutter under control in your home, Tailored Living can help with innovative storage and organization solutions for every area of your home. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home, or virtual* consultation to talk closet organization systems, laundry room storage, pantry shelving, total garage organization, and more!

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