Six Best Laundry Room Storage Solutions.

If you’ve never taken the time to outfit your laundry room with adequate storage for everything that happens there, you probably struggle every time laundry day rolls around. Piles of clothes, misplaced laundry products, and no workspace can add up to a very frustrating experience. Making your laundry space work for you, whether it’s a little space or a lot, can be accomplished with innovative storage solutions that organize, declutter, and enable you to focus on the task at hand. Here are six laundry storage solutions from Tailored Living® that will ease the pain of laundry day and help you finish in record time!

any-laundry-room.jpgAny laundry room will stay neat and efficient with storage cabinets that hide all the messy elements of doing laundry

One: Storage cabinets with adjustable shelves

Custom storage cabinets are the best way to maximize laundry room space and hide the clutter. With a stacked washer and dryer or side by side, storage cabinets can turn all available space into handy, convenient storage, above, below, and all around your appliances. Incorporate drawers and work countertops, too, to make your laundry space extremely efficient.

  • Keep laundry products like soap, fabric softener, stain removers, and bleach right where you need them, but out of sight behind cabinet doors where small children and pets can’t reach.
  • Adjustable shelves let you accommodate industrial and super-size detergent boxes as well as adjusting shelf height for spray bottles and smaller items.
  • An integrated countertop creates room for sorting, treating stains, folding, and stacking clean clothes.
  • Safely store your iron, garment steamer, or other laundry helps in upper cabinets.
  • Lower cabinets can hide pullout laundry hampers so there are no clothes tossed on the floor.

Two: Open shelves for easy access

If cabinets are too bulky for your space or you prefer the look and accessibility of open shelving for storage, floating shelves can provide convenient storage wherever you have free wall space. Shelves can display laundry products within easy reach and hold stacks of folded clothes, so your countertop stays clear. Bins, baskets, and decorative containers can organize small items from clothes pins to fabric shavers.

create-storage-whenever.jpgCreate storage wherever you want with floating shelves customized to fit any space

  • Designate a basket or bin to collect all forgotten pocket contents like pens, hair clips, and keys so the family can claim their belongings.
  • Store extra clothes hangers, sock-loc clips, sewing kit, and mesh lingerie bags in handy bins.
  • Instead of a wastebasket on the floor, use a basket on the shelf for lint, used dyer sheets, and surprises like gum wrappers and wadded tissues.
  • If missing socks are a plague at your house, designate one container for the singles and periodically check the bin for matches.

Three: Convert deep cabinets with pullout drawers

If your laundry room has undercounter, floor-level storage cabinets, these can be difficult to access. The same is true with deep cabinets that go way back, most of the stored contents are out of sight past the first few inches. By converting undercounter space and deep shelves with custom pullout shelves installed within existing cabinets, you’ll have complete access to all that marvelous storage space! You can see what’s stored so you can quickly find what you need.

the-magic-of-accessibility.jpgThe magic of accessibility can instantly make all your cabinets user-friendly laundry room storage

  • Make deep cabinets practical with pullout shelves that provide easy access to all available storage space.
  • Save money by not buying duplicates of products shoved to the back that you’ve forgotten about.
  • No more getting on hands and knees, flashlight in hand, to see what’s in the cabinet!

Four: Tiny space storage hacks

When space is really at a premium, you can still institute convenient and efficient storage in your laundry area. Floating shelves have already been mentioned and they are always an option for storage in tight spaces. There are also other ways to sneak in storage when there seems to be no space. Skinny wheeled carts can fit between machines and, similar to bathroom over-the-toilet racks, specialty racks designed to fit over a washer or dryer provide shelf and hanging storage.

small-laundry-space.jpgEven a small laundry space can offer up efficient storage with innovative solutions

Five: Laundry hampers corral and organize

Laundry hampers provide storage of dirty clothes until it’s time to wash them. Cabinets with pullout hampers in the laundry room eliminate piles of dirty clothes so your laundry room stays neat. Free-standing hampers can also hold and organize dirty clothes for pre-sorting of whites, colors, delicates, dry cleaning, and pet blankets. Some hampers give extra value with hanging space as well. Choose one hamper per family member in the laundry room or have hampers in the bedrooms that get pulled in on laundry day.

hampers.jpgHampers come in all styles and sizes, including plastic, wicker, wood, metal, and fabric, with handles or wheels for easy transport

  • Sorting hampers provide multiple compartments to separate your laundry, so loads are ready to go on laundry day.
  • Fabric liners such as canvas, mesh, and nylon are easy to maintain and clean, and they're tough enough to handle the heavy weight of clothes and bedding.
  • Wicker and wood hampers should have fabric liners to prevent clothes getting snagged on any rough edges.

Six: Hanging rods for short-term storage

Hanging space in the laundry room provides quick storage for clothes as you’re working. Hang-dry items require space and time to dry properly, hanging items right out of the dryer eliminates wrinkles, and keeping hanging items at the ready for family members to collect are all short-term storage solutions to make the task of laundry easier.

shirt-hanging-space.jpgA little or a lot, hanging space will facilitate turning dirty laundry into clean, fresh, and ready-to-wear clothes

  • Have enough space to hang dry items with solutions like racks, stationary rods, fold-away hangers, and standing racks.
  • Group each family member’s clothes together on rods or racks for quick retrieval.
  • Retractable valet rods snap out of the way until you need them.

Hopefully you’ve identified the best storage solutions for maximizing your laundry room storage to make laundry less of a chore and give you an organized, uncluttered laundry room to be proud of. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. They can help you see your space with new eyes, finding valuable storage where you wouldn’t imagine, and you can say goodbye to laundry chaos forever.