Six Spring And Summer Entryway Design Tips

An entryway can be anything from crossing the threshold directly into the living room to a cavernous, echoing foyer with a spiral staircase going up and up. Whatever its size, the entryway to your home should be a welcoming portal for family and guests with style and functionality that make comings and goings a pleasurable experience.

dontoverlook.jpgDon’t overlook the entryway when you’re sprucing up for spring

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, now is the time to evaluate your entryway for both usefulness and appearance. Step through your front door with an open mind and what do you see:

  • Clutter and piles of discarded items?
  • Things that should definitely be elsewhere in the house?
  • A boring, uninviting space?

By following these six design tips from Tailored Living®, you’ll find yourself with a charming entryway that adds beautiful form and function, a welcoming introduction to your home by enhancing efficiency, convenience, and style.

Tip One:  Start with storage needs

In many homes, the entryway is a dumping ground. Whatever is in the arms is going somewhere, fast. Without some kind of storage option, discards end up on the floor—backpacks, purses, grocery bags, mail, sports equipment. They all will find a place even if it’s just piled in a corner or left on the stairs. By determining exactly what your family carts around each day, you can design custom storage solutions to bring order out of chaos.

largeorsmall.jpgLarge or small, any entryway can introduce storage solutions to organize your family

  • Custom cabinets incorporating shelves, cubbies, and drawers can provide a wealth of organized storage along one wall.
  • Decorative hooks can be used in conjunction with cabinets, but also independently to create hanging space in small or narrow entryways.
  • If sports equipment clutters your entryway, enclosed cabinets can hide larger items like rackets, bats, and skateboards with drawers for helmets, mitts and balls.
  • Benches, chairs or tables provide space to download packages, purses, laptops, or groceries.
  • Individual cubbies or drawers help family members keep track of their personal items and child-level hooks, cubbies, and drawers let the kids easily manage their own possessions.
  • Give the dog a special basket or drawer to hold everything you need for dog walking.

Tip Two:  Layer on color

Once you’ve figured out the form your storage will take, you can start elaborating on your plan. Tailored Living’s custom cabinetry comes in styles and finishes that let you match your home’s décor, or you can create a unique entrance to your home with a totally different style, using color to enliven your entryway.

paintisone.jpgPaint is one of the easiest ways to update a room or entryway, so use it to good advantage in any number of ways

  • Paint the entryway a bold color or just add some flair to one accent wall or a piece of furniture like a table or chair.
  • Rugs or stair runners in colorful patterns add excitement to the space.
  • Use colorful baskets or containers to hold umbrellas, canes, and sandals or to corral small items that tend to get lost.
  • Wall displayed artwork can introduce color and style without taking up valuable space.

Tip Three: Light up the entryway

Lighting helps to create a warm, inviting entrance that speaks to the character of your home. It also eliminates the possibility of tripping on a rug or items on the floor. If you don’t have natural light flooding in through glass inset doors, transoms, or sidelights, light up the entryway with a chandelier, wall sconces, and a chic lamp on a table or bookcase.

makeastyle.jpgMake a style statement with decorative lamps, wall sconces or a show-stopping chandelier

  • Chandeliers range from large pendant or suspension lights to ceiling-flush mount lights for smaller spaces.
  • LED lights can be integrated into a custom entryway design with track, Puck or Ribbon style lights to illuminate shelves and cabinets.
  • Lose bulky curtains or blinds and enhance clear-glass insets or sidelights with decorative window film, letting in sunlight while still providing privacy.
  • Use a decorative mirror or grouping of mirrors to intensify brightness by reflecting light.

Tip Four: Go natural

Especially in a small entryway, it may be challenging to create “interesting” without feeling cluttered. One way is with texture which can be introduced with natural finishes in your storage elements. Organic accessories like woven baskets, rugs, wood, and plants bring the outdoors in for refreshing beauty.

relaxednaturalneutrals.jpgRelaxed, natural neutrals coordinate with any other colors you want to bring into the space

  • A rattan bench is a nod to nature and organization.
  • Seagrass, jute, or sisal woven rugs add texture and subtle color while preventing tracked in dirt.
  • Natural fiber baskets add storage in cubbies or as an umbrella stand.
  • Plants vitalize a space, whether live, silk plants, or a wreath of dried flowers.
  • Decorate with accents like seashells, rocks, and agates for bouts of color and texture.

Tip Five: Say, “This is who we are!”

Give your entryway its own personality as a unique, engaging entrance to your home. Fully functional design can be fun with statement-making decorative hooks, umbrella stands, mirrors, and shelves that delight the eye. Be fanciful, colorful, dramatic, or elegant with accessories to add even more utility to your entryway. Pick a color, pattern, or style, and find art, accents, and furnishings that bring the theme to life.

haveaninspiring.jpgHave an inspiring and fun entryway that people will talk about in a good way

  • Get creative with trays or containers for keys, sunglasses, charger cords, and pens to keep them easy to find.
  • Let the kids pick fun hooks of their favorite animals or Superheroes for their personal use.
  • Highlight your family’s special moments in a picture collage.
  • Frame original artwork that’s too big for the fridge; the kids will love to display their handiwork.
  • Add a funky or fabulous decorative table, chair, or bench for style and utility.

Tip Six: Address both sides of your entryway

Since the front porch is a prelude to your interior entryway, it should be part of the entryway renovation. With a little effort, you can coordinate the outside with the inside for a bright welcome in any season.

itsquick.jpgIt’s quick and easy to add color, charm, and personality to your front external entryway

  • Sweep cobwebs out of corners and from over the door; refresh the paint if it needs it.
  • Have a welcome mat that coordinates with the colors and patterns in your new entryway.
  • Keep your front porch area well-lighted and free of clutter.
  • Depending on your space, you can have a bench, porch swing, or patio set.
  • Flowerpots brimming with flowers add welcome color in pots or as hanging gardens.

Let your entryway be a breath of fresh air for all who enter your home, family and friends alike. Uncluttered, bright, and oozing personality, you’ll be able to keep the whole family organized and create a winning first impression with visitors. Spring and summer will be more fun for everyone with a highly efficient, custom entryway designed for the way you live. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation.

*Virtual consultations may not be available at all locations.

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