Six Tips to Keep Your House Organized

Keeping your home organized is probably on your perpetual to-do list if maybe finding it too challenging to become a reality. No doubt you are more interested in going beyond the organization for only short periods of time. You want to keep your house organized all the time so you never have to go back to the drawing board to create a plan.

Plenty of tips are available to make this happen. Most of it occurs through thoughtful storage ideas throughout your house. Creating storage for each room makes a big difference in getting rid of clutter and removing any possibility of stacks becoming taller.

What logical tips can you utilize here to keep your house organized all the time rather than occasionally?

1. Get Your Family Involved in Organizing

Mother and Daughter doing choresOne great way to keep the organization going every week at home is to have all your family members pitch in to do their part. This means certain members making beds, doing basic household chores, and putting things back where they belong after using them.

If you have children, this is a good way for them to earn an allowance. Most families do this and involve the kids doing the toughest household chores to earn some extra money. However, they should also gain pride in organizing things as part of everyday life without always getting money.

Some first things your family can do to help keep things looking organized:

  • Make their respective beds. A made bed every morning makes rooms look better organized overall and gives responsibility to everyone.
  • Any other room tidiness like placing toys back in a toy box, picking up clothes lying around, or simply laundering those clothes.
  • Placing any random items under the beds for a better sense of organizing.

2. Find the Proper Order to House Organization

Take some time out to plan your home organization plan. Get it all in writing (whether on paper or digitally) like a contract so you know what takes top priority. One good plan is to use the Three R's method:

  • Reduce what you have.
  • Be resourceful.
  • Be resilient.

As seen above, bedrooms are a good place to start. Then go from there to the kitchen where the organization is just as important when preparing food. Bathrooms should be next since it is always the second most visited part of the home next to the kitchen.

From there, you could go to organize your family rooms. The same goes for your garage where chaos can easily erupt when random items get strewn around the area.

3. How Can You Better Organize a Bedroom?

To start with the bedroom organization, you might want to consider changing up your bed space. A custom Murphy Bed is a good option since these beds are great hideaways and storage units all in one.

You can integrate a Murphy Bed into your existing cabinet space, offering a great way to save on space to get rid of any claustrophobic feelings.

Beyond your bed, consider buying more shelving units to store things otherwise ending up on dresser drawer surfaces or even on the floor. A major fix to this problem is to reorganize your bedroom closets.

No matter what type of closet you have, consider doing several things to organize your clothes, shoes, and other bedroom items:

  • Analyze the clothing items you may not need and give them away to charity.
  • Buy wall racks and extra hangers to keep items neatly stored away and not strung over beds or in other random places.
  • Store the things you use the most at eye-level and the things you use the least at a high level.
  • Purchase a shoe organizer to keep your shoes in one place to avoid storing them on the floor.

4. How Can You Better Organize a Kitchen?

It might sound like considerable work to organize a kitchen considering how many food items and utensils you have around. Some simple ideas are available to keep your kitchen organized year-round without having to reinvent everything.

As a basic fix, always remember to arrange your kitchen items in the order you use most. It means placing utensils, cups, or bowls in cupboard spaces that are nearest to your eye level. All pots and pans should also be hung near the stove for easy reach.

Heavier items should go in lower cupboard areas to prevent any dangers during retrieval. And organize a separate pantry with canned goods for easy access, especially for use during emergencies.

Organizing zones inside a pantry works well based on the order of food items you and your family most like to consume.

5. How Can You Better Organize Bathrooms?

Bathroom organization methods might take as much planning as a kitchen, even if possibly fewer items, depending on how large your family is. Organizing a closet in your bathroom can easily be done the same way as you do with the one in your bedroom.

Hanging shower caddies are frequently great products to keep things off counter spaces. A few other things you might want to try:

  • Shelving units in corners and over toilets.
  • Drawer dividers to keep small bathroom items off the countertops.
  • Extra cabinets to store extra towels for guests.

6. How Can You Better Organize Your Garage?

bike rack and garage wall storageTaking on your garage so it stays consistently organized might sound daunting. You can do a lot with a garage, especially if you use it in part for living space.

Adding shelves and mounts to your garage walls add plenty of space to store things ordinarily sitting around on the garage's floor. Some people create entire wall spaces to store everything from yard tools to heavy buckets of paint.

Garage cabinets are also a key to doing this right, especially since you can enclose the above items behind sliding or hinged doors. Now you can prevent personal items from sitting out in the open.

How do you go about utilizing these ideas so they work cohesively? It pays to have an experienced home organizing consultant to help you create a workable plan. We can help you get there at Tailored Living.