Small Space Storage Solutions That Actually Work

If you’re challenged by small living space, there are things you can do to maximize whole home storage that don’t necessarily involve getting rid of your possessions. Standard cupboards, cabinets and pantries can offer storage space, but it’s often unhandy and inconvenient with deep shelves and cabinets that make accessing the contents a tiresome task. In fact, under-sink cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms are two of the worst offenders when it comes to inconvenient storage space with having to work around plumbing fixtures!

Tailored Living® has solutions for transforming existing storage space into highly functional space, as well as creating storage where there isn’t any. Utilizing corners, nooks, and awkward spaces for storage can make any small space seem bigger by utilizing all your space to best advantage.

Make cabinets accessible with pullout shelves and drawers

Undercounter, floor-level cabinets are really nobody’s friend. You can see storage space, but you just can’t reach it! The same with deep cabinets, anything more than three items deep, and it’s lost from sight. By installing custom pullout shelves and drawers within existing cabinets, you maximize storage space by being able to actually use all the space.

  • No cabinet modification is required.
  • Drawers and shelves are customized to fit any cabinet space, including deep, closet-type pantries.
  • Each shelf can safely support up to 100 pounds.
  • Ergonomically friendly, saves wear and tear on knees and backs when accessing lower cabinets.
  • All items are accessible from the front to the back of cabinets, making it easier to keep track of what you have.

Convert wall space to convenient storage

In a small room, the more furniture that eats up floor space, the smaller the room will feel. Additionally, small rooms can have limited wall space around doors and windows so you might not have the option of a bookcase or cabinet for storage purposes. To the rescue … floating shelves! Our floating shelves can provide versatile storage space to any wall and are available in a range of colors to match any décor.

  • Open shelves can start just below the ceiling and continue to the floor, or anything in between.
  • Match your wall color to minimize the impact of the shelves, use a contrasting color for a dramatic effect, or coordinate with a wood tone that mirrors other wood in the room.
  • Mount shelves above doorways and windows to create display space that is easily seen but doesn’t contribute to clutter.
  • Floating shelves are appropriate for any room, including kitchen, living room, bedrooms or a hallway for increased storage space anywhere you need it.
  • Secure installation with hidden, high-strength metal support.
  • Customizable to any space, and shelves are less intrusive than cabinets in small areas.

Custom built-ins to revolutionize your space

The end of a hallway, an awkward corner, or an inconvenient window can frustrate space usage when nothing practical seems to fit. With custom built-in cabinets, even small spaces can offer up big storage opportunities like linen closets, bookcases, desks, window seats, and display cabinets with enclosed and open storage. By going up and capturing floor-to-ceiling space, a very small footprint provides bountiful functionality … beautifully. From modern flat finishes to Traditional raised-design doors and drawers with base and crown moldings, Tailored Living can create cabinetry that perfectly matches your décor.

  • A custom cabinet can become a pantry in a kitchen as well as provide additional countertop space.
  • In a dining room, a custom cabinet can hide table linens behind closed doors and display fancy serving dishes or glasses on open shelves.
  • Integrated lighting creates the perfect display for your collectible treasures.

Dual-purpose window Seats

Windows definitely help to open up a small space, but they can also present a problem when trying to maximize space in a small room. Do you block the window with furniture? Will curtains get in the way? Custom window seats are the perfect solution to let you enjoy the view and utilize the space for seating and storage! In a bedroom, living room, or kitchen a custom window seat can create usable space and cut down on clutter in any room.


  • A bay window becomes a seating area with a window seat that can serve as storage with a trunk-style hinged lid, pullout drawers, or cabinets and cubbies underneath.
  • In a small bedroom, having one wall incorporate seating with surrounding cabinet storage eliminates the need for extra furniture like dressers and chairs.
  • In a kitchen or dining room, a window seat storage bench can seat several people, reducing the number of chairs around a table in a small space.
  • Choose window treatments such as shades, blinds, and shutters that don't extend outside a window's frame, so they don’t impede seating comfort nor bulk up a small space.

The love it/hate it entertainment center

No other type of cabinetry generates as much controversy as the media or entertainment center. People either love or hate the idea of everything in one place in the room. However, in a small room, it makes good sense because a custom-built entertainment center can hold all the essentials for a TV or family room. A combination of enclosed cabinets to hide messy electronics and accessories with open shelves to display books and decorative items, makes for an organized, clutter-free room.


  • Eliminates the need for extra furniture like bookcases or cabinets in a room, leaving ample space for couches, recliners and side tables for drinks and snacks.
  • Store games, toys, extra blankets, and all the family’s DVDs in one place.
  • From one standing unit to an entire wall of built-in storage you can maximize your entertainment space.

Love the space you’re in!

Tailored Living can help you get the absolute most out of your small space with innovative storage and organization solutions designed specifically for the way you live. Our whole home organization specialists can help you find storage in surprising places that will expand usable space and bring order and calm to your home and family. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you. We can also maximize closet, home office, laundry room, pantry, entryway, and garage storage with organizational solutions you’ll love.

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