Sports Equipment Storage Ideas You Need to Know

A recent survey revealed that over a 12-month period, Americans spent $33 billion on athletic equipment. ( That’s an incredible amount of sports equipment! It's no surprise with the rise of play sport, which tells you when and where all the local sporting events are taking place! It's too tempting to join in! How much of that equipment ended up at your house--cluttering the garage, messing up the family room and, inexplicably, ending up on the dining room table? If your family is involved in sports, chances are that you see evidence of it throughout the house, and not in a good way.

  • Shiny trophies, medals and framed team pictures -- good
  • Piles of shoes, hats, gloves, bats and balls – bad

Regardless of how many sports your family participates in, Tailored Living® can help with managing all the equipment needs, from tiny golf tees to surfboards and bicycles. Using a combination of storage cabinets, adjustable shelves and specialty accessories, you can gain control of the wonderful world of sports at your house, instead of sports controlling you.

The mudroom locker room

A mudroom can become an ideal location for organizing sports equipment. By defining space for uniforms and equipment, nothing needs to be carried further into the house or dropped to the floor. A cubby for each family member will allow personal space for not only sports equipment, but school and work items that need to be handy for daily comings and goings. Install a laundry hamper just for uniforms, and bedrooms will stay much cleaner without grass-stained equipment and smelly uniforms waiting for laundry day.

  • Hooks can keep jackets, backpacks and caps neat and orderly
  • Shelves can store athletic shoes and keep game dirt out of your carpets
  • Bins and drawers can control gloves, mitts, and balls
  • Enclosed cabinets can hold larger items, as well bins or baskets for small things

Wall storage systems

One great way to organize and store sports equipment is with wall hanging storage like Slatwall panels. They can be customized to fit anywhere and accessorized to hold anything! You’ll be amazed at how much equipment can vertically store in a small space.

  • Slatwall panels can be cut to fit over workbenches, in corner spaces, behind doors—anywhere there is unused wall space.
  • Specialty hooks, baskets and shelves allow for large and small equipment pieces to be safely stored.
  • Slatwall allows for low-level storage for the kids as well as ceiling level for out of season or bulky items.
  • As seasonal sports change, you can rearrange your equipment storage to keep the current sports equipment front and center.
  • Slatwall is available in a range of colors to coordinate with custom cabinetry in garages and mudrooms and can even be installed in a bedroom to corral sports equipment for the family jock.

Store bikes for easy accessibility and safety

Storing bikes can take up considerable space and you want them stored where they won’t be damaged from weather, falling over, or having things piled on top. Keeping bikes outside leaves them open to dirt, rust and possible theft. Leaning bikes against a wall is an invitation for them to fall over and become a tripping hazard in a garage, or to become the underdog in dog pile of stuff. Tailored Living has several options for safely storing bicycles so that they are protected and accessible.

  • Slatwall has specialty hooks to secure bikes, along with baskets for all the little extras
  • Wheel mounts can store multiple bikes vertically and side by side without any entanglement
  • Using overhead space with bike hoists frees up the floor so that even small garages can handle the family bikes

The sports garage

If engaging in sports is a big part of your lifestyle, maximizing your garage for all the sports your family enjoys is a good idea. With a custom garage storage plan, you’ll have sufficient storage for all the equipment, including room for other general storage in a beautifully organized garage. Determining how much space you need for all the accoutrements of football, baseball, Lacrosse, hockey, tennis, volleyball, cycling, basketball, soccer, golf, running, swimming or gymnastics will drive the overall design.

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets with adjustable shelves can accommodate any equipment behind closed doors
  • Open shelves and Slatwall panels will allow for quick access, making it easy to store and retrieve equipment
  • A mudroom by the connecting door to the house will keep all the mess in the garage
  • Kids can have their own reachable storage, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own equipment
  • Defining a sports area will free up the rest of the garage for other uses

Imagine the possibilities

A custom garage design from Tailored Living can change your life. Envision your possessions in this gorgeous garage with custom cabinets, an industry-tough epoxy garage floor and Slatwall for getting creative. What could you do with this garage?

  • Workbench with tools
  • Craft and hobby area
  • Gardening center
  • Exercise equipment
  • Play area for the kids
  • Man cave or media center

The sky’s the limit!

An overload of sports equipment may be the catalyst for organizing the garage, but it doesn’t have to stop there. We are whole home organization specialists for closet organization systems, laundry rooms, pantries, home offices, family rooms and more, and we love bringing order out of confusion and chaos. Call 866-712-3404 today and schedule a free, in-home consultation.