Spring Cleaning Tips and Organizing Your Home

Spring symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts and … cleaning. It’s the annual after-winter frenzy when we determine that THIS year the house is getting organized and clean and it’s going to stay that way. And for most of us, to a degree, it happens.

There truly is something cathartic about opening up the windows and letting in fresh air and sunshine, cleaning out all the cobwebs, dust bunnies and clutter. A good spring cleaning is like your house taking a deep, cleansing breath. But as with breathing, it’s an ongoing process and sometimes seems as if the effects are short-lived. You can check out something like this website to help give you some extra helpful tips on how to get your house clean.

Many people choose to outsource their housekeeping to an external company, and rightfully so. At times, it can feel like a super daunting task; especially if you let the mess and dirt build up over time. Don't believe me? Here's some quotes we regularly hear:

  • “Cleaning with kids in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.”
  • “I can’t believe it’s already time to put off my spring cleaning until next year.”
  • “My kitchen was clean last week. Sorry you missed it.”

So if you don’t have a cleaning fairy god-mother with a magic wand to clean your house while you blissfully slumber, here are some tips for spring cleaning to help you on your way!

Organization maximizes your time and energy

Realize it will take more than one day and start with a plan. Working either room by room or task by task makes it easy to track your progress. You don’t want to put in a full day’s cleaning and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything.

  • First step: set aside several boxes so you can collect those items you want to donate, sell at a garage sale or take to the trash. Think “unclutter” as you work and fill those boxes!
  • Second step: consider the order of the chores. For example, you don’t want to dust off the ceiling fan after you’ve dusted all the furniture that sits below it.
  • Third step: assemble all the cleaning supplies you’ll need beforehand so you don’t lose time hunting for dusting cloths, window cleaner or furniture polish.

Some rooms have unique needs, but here are essentials of a thorough spring cleaning for every room in your home:

  • Wipe down walls for dust and cobwebs, wash any smudges
  • Spackle nail holes and apply touch-up paint
  • Wash baseboards, handrails, doors, doorknobs and switch plates
  • Dust light fixtures, light bulbs and ceiling fan blades
  • Wash vent covers, then coat with car wax to slow dust buildup
  • Dust blinds, wash windows and window sills, inside and out; wash screens
  • Replace filters for fans or furnace
  • Replace batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Move furniture (including refrigerator)and vacuum/mop floor underneath
  • Sweep or vacuum and wash all floors, stairs and hallways
  • Polish mirrors, dust TV and computer screens and monitors
  • Launder curtains, throw rugs and (washable) upholstered cushions and pillows
  • Vacuum sofa, chairs, ottomans or other upholstered furniture
  • We do recommend investing in a small vacuum as well as your standard one. This may seem pointless, but small vacuums are good for people lacking in storage space, and they are perfect for getting into smaller areas of the house!
  • Dust all knick-knacks, art objects and picture frames
  • Dust furniture and cover scratches with furniture oil or stain

Additional room-specific cleaning tasks

Your kitchen is probably the most used and cleaned room in the house, yet may get overlooked for deep cleaning. If you have a pantry, be sure to include it in the spring cleaning chores as well:

  • Clean oven, stove top and microwave
  • Clean refrigerator, throwing out any expired or unrecognizable items
  • Empty all cabinets, dust and wash down shelves and drawers before replacing contents
  • Discard and replace any expired spices or foods
  • Sort dishes and pans and toss out or donate duplicates, non-working appliances, or pieces you no longer use
  • Clear off counters and scrub counter tops, back splash, faucets, cabinet fronts and knobs
  • Clean and reseal grout lines if necessary
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils
  • Take stock of household cleaning supplies and replenish your supply

Bathrooms run a close second for daily maintenance but still need deep cleaning:

  • Empty all cabinets and vanity, dust and wash shelves and drawers
  • Replace outdated medications or cosmetics
  • Scrub tub, shower, toilet and all fixtures
  • Clean and reseal any damaged or stained grout
  • Clean drains
  • Repaint if needed

The laundry room may require some new storage and organization solutions along with cleaning if it seems to stay messy despite your best efforts:

  • Wash both outside and inside of washer and dryer
  • Clean lint trap (should be done on a regular basis)
  • Clean drains, laundry sink and any counter tops
  • Purchase hampers for sorting laundry
  • Empty and wash out any cabinets or drawers
  • Sort supplies and replace what you need, discard old or unused items

Closets are in foyers, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Closets can be time-consuming because they generally require the extra step of sorting and reorganizing along with cleaning:

  • Empty each closet
  • Sweep, vacuum and wash down the interior of the closet including shelves and drawers
  • Sort items before returning them to the closet: keep, toss, donate, or move elsewhere
  • Install a closet organizational system if closet space is not being efficiently used
  • Move seasonal items to garage storage to free up space for everyday needs
  • Repaint the closet and increase the lighting
  • Buy additional hangers
  • Add a deodorizing or dehumidifying freshener (cedar, rosemary and lavender deter bugs)

As you clean, consider renewing your space with new color schemes, a bright accent color, new furniture pieces, slip covers, rugs or decorative art. And if you need some creative storage to maximize your space, a Tailored Living designer can help with closet design, garage storage, home offices, entryways, guest rooms, pantries and more.

We’re the experts at whole home organization and efficient storage solutions that fit your lifestyle and make your life easier…and cleaner. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.

Make your home pretty and inviting so you and your family will enjoy your home and be inspired to keep it organized. You don’t want to resort to this solution for a clean house:  “I have discovered the secret to a clean house: never let your children, or husband, enter it.”