Spruce Up the Entryway for the Holidays

Spruce Up the Entryway for the Holidays

If your entryway is strictly utilitarian without regard for style or it’s not really useful at all, maybe it’s time to turn coming home into a special moment with an attractive and highly-functional custom entryway or mudroom. Even a small space can be infused with color, style and beautiful organization. Tailored Living® can help you transform your entryway into a welcoming design moment as the introduction to your home.

An uncluttered entryway is the best “welcome.” Guests don’t have to step over discarded boots and backpacks or wonder where it’s safe to step. A clear entryway means there’s plenty of room for all who enter in! With an organized entryway, you’ll be able to add special design touches to create a welcoming, happy moments when company stops by. Imagine, if you will:

  • Calm and inviting
  • Artistic and interesting
  • Comfortable and convenient

An inviting entryway is a delight for the eyes

Incorporate elements that add beauty and interest, something that holds attention when someone enters. Artwork, family pictures, and seasonal decorations add life and color to what, otherwise, can be a boring space. Play with shapes, textures, and materials, including metallics like a brass umbrella stand or wrought iron hat rack, to add dimension to your space.

  • Highlight your family’s special moments in pictures
  • Frame original artwork that’s too big for the fridge; the kids will love to display their handiwork
  • Display an antique quilt on the wall for a truly unique entryway
  • Mirrors add shine and brilliance and make a small space feel larger
  • Keep your entryway updated with seasonal decorations so there’s always something fresh
  • Wherever you use hooks, be sure they’re attractive and sturdy

Geometric patterns are back in style in full force and can create an exciting entryway, with custom cabinets, bold rugs and unique lighting fixtures. Just increasing the light in your entryway will make it more user-friendly and inviting, plus it provides you the opportunity to make a style statement with decorative lamps, wall sconces or a show-stopping chandelier.

  • Custom cabinets will ensure there’s a space for coats, hats, boots and whatever else needs a drop-off place
  • Rugs and stair runners protect the floors and create comfort and safety in wet weather
  • Crown molding and decorative hardware expand choices for personalization
  • Match cabinet colors and finishes to the rest of your home’s décor
  • Drawers and cabinets eliminate clutter by keeping small items hidden

Organization makes your entryway comfortable and convenient

Entryways and mudrooms can quickly get out of control without some functional storage and organization helps. Chances are, every time someone enters, something will get deposited either by the door or further on into the house. Either way, clutter collects and makes unsightly messes with jackets thrown on chairs, books dumped on the kitchen table and wet umbrellas dripping on the floor. Custom entryway cabinetry from Tailored Living will turn your entryway into highly-functional space that will help to keep the whole house neater.

  • Coats, hats and gloves will have a place to stay and not get lost
  • Backpacks, briefcases and bags can be immediately set down to remove outerwear
  • Enclosed cabinets and drawers can hide sports equipment that usually ends up on the floor
  • Individual hooks and cubbies allow each person the space they need to manage their own things
  • High and low hooks accommodate adults and children in comfort
  • Multiple hooks keep wet coats and jackets separated so they can dry out
  • An integrated storage bench will provide convenient seating for removing or putting on shoes and boots, as well as additional storage
  • A special “pet bin” for leashes, sweaters, treats, disposal bags and drying towels will make quick work of walking the dog

Design with your specific needs in mind

Entryways can be anything from a threshold directly into the living room to a cavernous foyer to a full mudroom. Space and lifestyle needs will drive the design, and Tailored Living’s whole home organization specialists can maximize your space for beauty and utility, combining enclosed cabinets, shelves, drawers, benches and decorative hooks. You can have any look you want from minimalist to grand.

  • Cabinet styles include Traditional, Victorian, Contemporary, Modern, Italia and Craftsman with options of sleek, clean lines or raised-panel details and decorative molding.
  • For finishes, choose from white to darkest wood tones with traditional laminates, rich wood stains and luxurious Italia glazes.
  • LED lights can be integrated into the design with track, Puck or Ribbon style lights to brighten the space.
  • Decorative hardware adds a stylish metallic touch with our standard Polished Chrome, Matte Nickle or Oil Brushed Bronze, or special-order a favorite.

Making your entryway inviting is as easy as contacting your local Tailored Living to completely organize your entryway or mudroom with custom storage solutions. Then you can add all the decorative touches you want to make a welcoming statement to family and friends. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home consultation.

As the largest whole home organization and storage provider in the country, our designers can bring calm out of chaos, so if clutter is dampening your holiday spirit, we have beautiful solutions for closet storage systems, pantry design, custom home offices, Murphy Beds, entertainment centers, laundry room storage, garage storage cabinets and custom garage flooring.