Step by Step Checklist to Clean and Organize Your Closet

The hustle and bustle of everyday life make us leave some household chores aside. When it comes to organizing our closet, it sometimes feels more like a wish/dream than a real possibility. Mainly because, well, no one else will see your closet, so maybe that could be your little secret. And, sometimes it might take you a couple of minutes to find something in the closet, but you can always find it, so… why bother?

Avoid clutter

The problem of having a messy closet is that chaos ensues. Like a pair of headphone wires left in your purse, clothes and accessories have the tendency to tangle and mix. Well, fear not. With Tailored Living’s checklist, you will not only clean up your closet but also find ways to keep it organized afterward.Avoid clutter

storage tip for suitcases and travel bags

The most important step is

To start, of course. Cleaning and organizing your closet takes time, so make sure to choose a day when you’re full of energy. This task can be highly emotional, especially if you also keep photo albums and other memories in the closet. Be ready to take some trips down memory lane but remember to focus on the future - one where you’re more organized than ever and your mind is at peace.

Out with the old, in with the new. So, how about giving yourself an annual check. Once a year you’ll take a look at your closet and decide whether that piece of clothing fits one of those categories:

  • Throw it away: Is it torn, broken, stained or very, very old (but not vintage)? Well, maybe it’s time to let it go.
  • Donate: Clothes that do not fit or you haven’t worn in a year or more? Do a good deed and help someone in need.
  • Keep: Clothing and accessories that are in good shape and you’ve worn in the past year. You know who they are, so put them back in there.

One trick to avoid clutter is

To keep the storage capacity by up to 80%. This way your closet will feel lighter - and it will be even easier to get ready in the morning.

Think about what you’ll need to store - and then get ready


Don’t just start throwing everything that is currently in your closet on your bed. Remember that you’ll actually clean the closet while organizing it. And maybe this can be the time to make some other design changes, like adding glass doors, new cabinets, shelves, bins, valet rods, or more. Calling in a Tailored Living expert, who specializes in closet remodeling, for these design changes can help take your closet from organized to professionally custom-designed for your needs.

Think of what you’ll need. Should you get new boxes, bags, organizers, and other home storage solutions? Should you keep your socks and underwear in the same area? Are your belts going to be rolled or hung?

And remember

Clothes that you wear often go in the center of the closet. Clothes and accessories that you rarely use (including out-of-season clothing), should go in the upper part of the closet. Use a storage box with a handle for easy access when you need to get to it.

Closet Organizing Checklist

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