Storage Solutions to Safely Store Holiday Decorations and Gift Wrap

Every year, along with January’s New Year’s resolutions, comes the dilemma of when the holiday decorations should come down. This varies from person-to-person and even region-to-region, since weather can impact the task of taking down outside decorations (as foreign as this may sound to Californians).

For some people, there‘s an unwritten law that if you don’t get everything put away by some inherent date in your psyche, you’ll feel guilty. For others, there’s no rush… ever. But most of us do have a plan for returning the house to normal, and a recent online poll of when holiday décor gets packed away (, revealed three basic viewpoints:

  • The scheduled take down
  • Extending the holiday spirit
  • Transitioning into what’s next

Where do you fit in? As you‘ll see, you’re in good company whatever your style.

The Scheduled Take Down

  • “Took all mine down Friday, January 2. I wanted it to be completely in order before going back to work [on Monday].”
  • “All done and tidied up and it feels SOOOOO good!”
  • “So glad when it's put away; quiet and calm isn't just lack of noise.”
  • “I answered yes but that is [just] all my inside; it is way too cold to do anything outside.”
  • “It's tradition to take it down right after opening presents. By Christmas dinner, tree is out to the trash and decorations packed.” (This is, without a doubt, the fastest holiday take down ever!)

Extending the Holiday Spirit

  • “It takes weeks to set up my five, full-size Christmas trees. They will stay up until the end of January, some years into the middle of February.”
  • “I changed the colored lights to white, and all of the decorations to white and silver. Now it's our ‘Winter Tree.’”
  • “I will probably wait until my daughter goes back to college so that she can eke out every bit of the Christmas season while she is home.”
  • “My son still wants the tree up for his birthday.”
  • “The Christmas spirit is one which we should relish and never totally put away in boxes.”

Transitioning into What’s Next

  • “We decorate for the holidays with a snowman theme…around the first of December and leave it until nearly Valentine’s Day. The tree goes down but the snowmen continue to delight us.”
  • “I like to take things down gradually, so the house doesn't SUDDENLY look bare!”
  • “I just want those twinkly lights to continue a while on these long winter nights.”
  • “Holly, ivy, pine boughs, cardinals will stay up until February hearts come out.”

The transitions from holiday into winter are charming and appealing, keeping the festive spirit a bit longer with twinkling lights and favorite tokens of wintertime. You may want to start such a tradition in your home and enjoy some favorite decoration rather than packing everything away at the same time. (Like a Jim Shore Christmas cat that never sees the inside of a box.)

Storage Solutions for Year-Round Convenience

Whatever your decorating and un-decorating style, seasonal decorations can take up considerable space. Along with the various holidays, including birthdays that pop up throughout the year, are the inevitable wrapping paper, ribbons, gift bags and cards. Keeping such things on hand is convenient and cost-effective (especially when you hit the after-holiday sales) but it does compound the challenge to stay organized.

Tailored Living’s® organization specialists can help with organization and storage solutions for your whole home, including storing all those seasonal decorations and creating a gift wrapping center. You’d be surprised where space can be captured and converted into convenient storage or a dual-purpose workspace.

Creating a Gift Wrapping Center

A gift wrapping center can be incorporated into such places as a home office, pantry, laundry room, garage or family room. You need a countertop, appropriate lighting and storage for scissors, tape, paper, ribbons, cards, gift bags and boxes. Enclosed cabinets can keep everything hidden from sight when not in use. In a garage or laundry room, a standing countertop may be an option and it could serve double-duty as a folding table or workbench, with storage cabinets above for all the wrapping materials.

  • Rolls of wrapping paper can be stored vertically in bins or on horizontal dowels.
  • Cards, ribbons, scissors, tape and gift bags can be stored in bins or clear plastic containers.
  • Rolls of ribbons on dowels make it easy to see what you have.
  • Paper and ribbons can be grouped by color or occasion.
  • Post a calendar with anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates clearly marked.
  • A chalk board or white erase board could assist family members with sharing their gift wish lists.

Storing Seasonal Decorations with Ease

Storing household items is only half the battle…you need to be able to retrieve them when you want them. This may be stating the obvious, but have you ever stored something for safekeeping and then not been able to find it? Here’s a truly sad example:

I have a gorgeous silk poinsettia and designer holiday décor from a Christmas party several years ago. We put everything back into boxes and out into the garage to start a new tradition, but haven't been able to find them since. All my stuff is put away--apparently permanently.”

That garage definitely needs some Tailored Living garage cabinets! With planned storage solutions, you’ll always be able to find what you need. Ideally, seasonal decorations will have a designated place instead of being scattered all over the house. This makes the garage an excellent solution for seasonal storage with garage cabinets and overhead storage that can accommodate lots of bins, boxes and larger items. But closets, laundry rooms and pantries are good candidates for decorations as well. With floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves capturing vertical space, there is room up high for seldom-accessed items, as well as lower cabinets for storage.

Here are some tips for successful storage, both to protect your decorations and to keep them easily retrievable:

  • Plastic, see-through bins let you see what’s inside
  • Accurately label each container
  • Group storage bins or boxes together by season, function or room
  • Use as many same-size, stackable containers as possible to maximize space
  • Breakables should be carefully wrapped
  • Egg cartons are ideal for protecting small ornaments
  • Don’t overload bins; keep the weight of each bin easy to handle
  • Plastic containers with lids repel moisture, rodents and insects
  • Tuck in a Bounce dryer sheet to keep stored linens and pillows fresh

Holiday decorations should add to your family’s enjoyment of the seasons, not create additional stress. If you need help organizing storage for your holiday decorations, creating a gift wrap center, or any other home storage solution, call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation with a Tailored Living organization specialist. You can also go online to to find an organization specialist near you and to view photo galleries of custom storage solutions for closets, garage, home office, laundry room, pantry and more. Take advantage of our New Year’s promotion and save $100s on your home organization project.