Streamline Your Winter Wardrobe by Purging Your Closet

The changing seasons can create closet overload. If you’re still sorting through sundresses and sleeveless tops to find your cooler weather sweaters and shirts, you need to get your fall and winter wardrobe organized and front and center in an organized closet. It will save you valuable time and you’ll end up with an efficient wardrobe that’s ready to take you anywhere in comfort and style. Purging your closet to be ready for winter involves two major steps, admittedly easier said than done:

  • Removing off-season items
  • Getting rid of those things you’ll never wear

The Two-Step Closet Purge

Tailored Living’s® two-step process has the goal of getting everything out of the closet that isn’t part of your winter wardrobe. You want to end up with a closet that is organized and highly functional, filled with in-season clothes and accessories that you love to wear. You’ll never face the “I have nothing to wear” trauma with everything visible and easily accessible, making getting dressed for any occasion quick and easy.

Step One:  Remove everything that is out-of-season. Fill a box or make a pile that you’ll sort through later, asking the same questions outlined below before storing them away until warmer weather. With a large walk-in closet that accommodates a year-round wardrobe, you may only have to relegate warm weather clothes to the back of the closet in garment bags, or to storage boxes on top shelves. Just be sure all clothing is clean and dry before you store it away or it may not be usable when you retrieve it. Moisture is the number one enemy of storage, dampness can cause mildew, and dirty clothes are an irresistible invitation to bugs.

Step Two: Collect all your cold-weather clothes—from closets, dresser drawers and storage—and try on every item, including coats, shoes and boots. Evaluate each piece by asking these questions:

  • Does it project the image I want?
  • Does it go with anything I have?
  • Does the color look good on me?
  • Does it fit? (too tight, too short, too big)
  • Is it comfortable to wear? (itchy, scratchy or pulls)
  • Is it wearable? (not worn out, faded or torn)
  • Do I ever wear it?

Create a “yes” pile and a “no” pile. The yes’s will go back into the closet and the no’s should be donated to your favorite charity, sold on consignment or eBay, go a clothes-swap party or be thrown away. If this purge leaves you with an alarmingly downsized closet, don’t panic and restock with all the marginal clothes. You know, the ones you hang on to year after year for various and wrong reasons:

  • It’s very expensive, it was a gift or got it on a good sale
  • Just in case I need it someday
  • Emotional attachment (bridesmaid dress to your sister’s wedding)

Purging your closet doesn’t mean that that’s all you get to wear. It means you’re getting serious about a wardrobe that makes you feel good and accommodates all the activities in your life. You’re going to focus on versatile pieces that you love and that work together to create multiple outfits, mixing and matching for work, play, parties and special events.

Now, after all your hard work, the fun part! Shopping for those new pieces you need to fill out your ideal winter wardrobe.

Build a fabulous, versatile winter wardrobe

Think about what you actually need for work, casual and dressy, and see how what’s in your closet lines up with your activities and lifestyle. Are you in an office 40 hours a week, or in jeans 24/7? If nightlife is your thing, do you need a little more bling? Put together some outfits to see where there are gaps. Focus on building a wardrobe with quality pieces that can be both casual and dressy, and you’ll always be properly dressed.

  • Do you need more office attire?
  • Are you short on casual, weekend wear?
  • Do you have coats for casual wear, rainy days and dress up events?
  • What about proper footwear for all weather -- rain, snow and cold -- both casual and dressy.
  • Have a perfectly-fitting little black dress that dresses up or down, depending on accessories.
  • Get one great pair of dark jeans that can go anywhere -- no fades, no holes, no frayed hems.

Start a shopping list of things you need to fill those gaps and then shop intentionally for clothes that you love and will always feel good wearing. It may take some time to find just the right pieces, but it’s worth the effort. Don’t get sidetracked by sales or whims, stick to your list. Take a friend along to keep you accountable and challenge her to do a winter wardrobe purge too. When everything in your closet fits, it makes every aspect of fashion easier: less closet space, less laundry, less money spent on frivolous purchases, and less time trying to put together an outfit for the day.

Customize your closet storage


Now that you have the ideal winter wardrobe, you need a custom closet to beautifully organize and showcase it. Tailored Living can help you with the perfect closet design to maximize all your space and safely store all your clothes and accessories.

Here are just some of the options for customizing your closet for year-round function.

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinet and drawer combinations capture all available storage space
  • Open shelves keep folded items like jeans and sweaters neat and tidy
  • Drawer divider inserts can organize scarves and lingerie
  • Tiered rods can double hanging space and valet rods offer an “extra hand”
  • Shoe racks display all your shoes, grouped by style or color
  • Adjustable shelves can accommodate tall boots, large purses, or briefcases
  • Pull-out pants racks can keep trousers wrinkle-free
  • Stationary or retractable tie and belt holders can also hold necklaces or scarves
  • Velvet-lined jewelry drawers separate pieces, protecting all your jewelry

Tailored Living offers numerous styles and finishes for our custom closet storage systems, including laminates, wood stains and glazes in a range of colors, from white to dark mahogany, with decorative molding and hardware to personalize your closet down to the last detail. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.. As whole home organization specialists, we bring storage solutions for any area of your home, including the garage, laundry room, home office, entryway, and more, wherever clutter is a problem. We help calm the chaos with expert measuring, innovative design and professional installation so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the result!

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