Survive Seasonal Wardrobe Changes with Tailored Living’s Custom Closet Solutions

The changing seasons conjure up emotional responses and memories in all of us. Thinking ahead to fall and winter, you can almost smell pumpkin pies baking and apple cider simmering. The cooling temperatures may bring memories of cozy sweaters and favorite bulky scarves and you almost can’t wait for that first frosty morning!

But along with the changing seasons comes changing wardrobes and the challenge of maintaining the family closets with the necessary clothes and accessories. When it’s pouring rain and time to leave for work and school, it is not the time to begin the search for raincoats, boots, and umbrellas that were stashed away. Somewhere. Last year.

A little organization and planning can help smooth the transition from season to season so you don’t ever have to experience seasonal shock.

The Seasonal Wardrobe Swap
If you are lucky enough to have huge closets in each bedroom, you can accommodate seasonal wardrobe changes by merely moving the out-of-season items to the back of the closet and bringing current season clothing to the front.  Any size closet, reach-in or walk-in, can benefit from a custom closet design organizational system that maximizes space with tiered hanging rods, vertical shelves, pull-out bins or drawers, shoe racks and more.

When winter rolls around, summer wear like shorts, bathing suits, sundresses, and sandals can be placed in boxes and stored in the top of the closet, leaving room for winter clothes and accessories close at hand. This is especially helpful in children’s closets as it limits their wardrobe choices and prevents them from trying to wear their favorite shorts in below-freezing temperatures.

When the seasons change again, it’s quick and easy to swap out the summer garb, and the winter clothes go into the boxes to the top of the closet (or out to the garage). A turn in the dryer with your favorite scented dryer sheet will eliminate wrinkles and leave clothes ready to wear after the time in storage.

To eliminate bedroom closet overload, a closet dedicated to seasonal items for the whole family is useful. Heavy coats, boots, hats, scarves, gloves and other protective wear that doesn’t need to be readily available year-round can be consolidated in one place. Use garment bags to provide additional protection for stored items while not in use.

One caveat: be sure all clothing is clean and dry before you store it away or it may not be usable when you retrieve it. Moisture results in mildew and dirty clothes are an irresistible draw for bugs. Placing scented dryer sheets or whole cloves in the boxes and garment bags will help deter bugs.

This wardrobe swapping solution also works for special holiday decorations. Put away the everyday items by swapping out the existing with the new things you want to display or use. For example, if you have a spring/summer comforter set and a fall/winter comforter set, an under-bed storage bag holds whichever set is not in use. You don’t need storage for both sets.

Tailored Living’s organizational specialists are available to help with any home organization/storage needs you may have. From maximizing your garage to customizing closets, pantries or laundry rooms to capture valuable space we can offer solutions custom-tailored to your space and budget. Call (866) 712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find an organization specialist near you.