Tailored Living serving Northern Virginia Featured on HouseSmarts

Todd Carter, franchise owner and CEO (Chief Executive Organizer) of Tailored Living serving Northern Virginia was recently featured on HouseSmarts, the home improvement TV show that follows the progress of real people making real home improvements.

Todd shared his theory that art and science both play a role in making design look good, bringing together function and beauty.

  • Inventory everything in the closet
  • Measure the space
  • Map out a customized plan to utilize all the space

Todd helped a harried homeowner get control of her family’s closets with innovative closet design, including the master bedroom closet, kids’ closets and a coat closet. When asked how this would help with her day, she replied, “It saves me time. My clothes look nice; they’re not bunched together and wrinkled. It feels good to walk into your closet.”

To see the amazing transformation from chaos to calm, click on the link below to watch the full episode with Todd and Tailored Living on HouseSmarts.


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