The Anatomy of a Perfect Pantry

As soon as “perfect” enters a conversation, opinions multiply. What is perfect for one person is not perfect for another. The perfect man, the perfect dress, the perfect pantry…no two are ever alike! But whether you have a large or small space to work with, a Tailored Living® organization specialist can help you design well-organized pantry storage that is perfect for you.

Your perfect pantry will make life easier by simplifying those things that you do, like meal preparation, packing school lunches, making out a grocery list and putting all those groceries away. With an organized pantry, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and have more time for your family and friends or even find time to curl up with a good book or the latest home design magazine.

Your Pantry Your Way

The term “pantry” still conjures up visions of grand old homes with butlers and maids in frilly aprons bustling about, cooking and serving. A Butler’s Pantry is the ultimate: “a service room between a kitchen and dining room typically equipped with counters, a sink and storage space for china and silver.” Probably not what you find in the average home today, but if you want a full Butler’s Pantry, Tailored Living can certainly build you one.

If you don’t have a formal pantry, space in the kitchen, laundry room, garage, or basement can be turned into a pantry with custom cabinets and pantry storage solutions. A closet close to the kitchen is also a good candidate for pantry conversion.

Knowing what you intend to store will determine the design your pantry takes. Combinations of open shelves, pantry cabinets, pull-out bins, baskets, countertops, shelf dividers, and specialty wine or spice racks can customize your pantry to fit your specific needs.

  • Do you need to store large party platters and a punch bowl with 75 cups?
  • Would a “wine cellar” be important in your perfect pantry?
  • Are you an avid cook with lots of spices and unique cooking utensils and dishes?
  • Could a lunch-packing station facilitate getting to school and work on time?
  • Do pets rule at your house with food requirements that take up lots of space?
  • Do you have a munchies family that requires a consistent supply of chips, snacks and drinks?

Any one of the above scenarios is a good starting point to build out your perfect pantry. Whatever form your pantry takes, it should meet your storage needs for foodstuffs, small appliances, seasonal serving dishes and decorations, spices, wine and spirits, non-perishable paper products, cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, table linens, pots and pans…whatever you need to store.

Customize for Function with Exquisite Design

Using all available space will get the most use out of your pantry, and capturing vertical space is the best way to maximize the space. Cabinets and shelves that go from floor-to-ceiling provide space so everyday items are quickly and easily accessible, reserving higher storage for seldom-used items.

Some people prefer a completely open-shelf design in a pantry so that nothing is hidden. If your pantry storage is a free-standing cabinet, such as in the kitchen, you may prefer all enclosed cabinets or a combination of enclosed cabinets with a few open shelves to display some decorative pieces.

There is no wrong or right. You can incorporate options like pull-out drawers and baskets, countertops, tilt out trash or recycle bins, and adjustable shelves for whatever you need to store. With Tailored Living’s range of cabinet styles, finishes and decorative hardware, you can match your existing décor and definitely make your pantry as functional and fancy as you choose.

  • Shelves are adjustable by height and by width to accommodate larger items, or use the narrower shelves if space is an issue.
  • A pantry countertop provides a workspace for sorting groceries, taking inventory of stored supplies, or pulling together whatever is needed for preparing dinner.
  • Custom wine racks can create a “mini wine cellar.” Place the wine racks in the coolest, darkest part of the pantry to preserve the flavor of your favorite wines.
  • Keep recyclables out of sight and under control with pull-out bins.
  • Large skillets, pizza stones, or woks that are big and unwieldy can have designated storage.
  • Add additional lighting if needed, to keep your pantry bright and safe.
  • Have a step stool handy so the high shelves aren’t a challenge.
  • Add a decorative hook to hang that frilly apron.

Saving Time, Money and Energy

An organized pantry will enable the entire family to be more self-sufficient; you’ll hear much less of, “Mom! I can’t find the _______.” Using clear storage containers and bins will keep everything on display and easy to identify. And you won’t be overbuying on items you think you need but aren’t sure.

  • Pull-out bins and baskets make snacks and chips easy to grab so you don’t have to participate every time someone is hungry.
  • A spice rack lets you quickly find what you need, as well as prevent “over spicing” on garlic or curry.
  • Shelf dividers help organize canned goods and boxed foodstuffs so you can see at a glance what you need to replenish.
  • Rotating newest items to the back of the shelf ensures that things are used in the order of purchase and you won’t end up having to throw out expired food.
  • Keep school lunch items bunched together so everyone can pack their own lunches. No more extended discussions of who wants what.
  • Kitchen towels, table linens, and placemats can stack neatly on a shelf instead of being divided into several drawers around the kitchen, often necessitating a search.
  • Storing dry pet food in air-tight containers keeps it fresh longer and eliminates the mess when the bags tear open (as you know they will, especially with kids feeding the animals).
  • Home maintenance is easier with mops, brooms, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, emergency candles, matches and batteries in one place. You might even want to include a basic toolkit.
  • And last of all, you can only save so much money. Consider reading this Lendingpoint review if you need some more money for your new pantry after implementing all of these tips.

An organized pantry is just one more way to make managing your home more enjoyable. If you need help in designing the perfect pantry for your lifestyle, all 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find an organization specialist near you. While you’re there, check out our photo gallery of other storage solutions for custom closets, garage cabinets and garage flooring, home offices, laundry rooms and more.