The Magic of Murphy Beds

Let's face it, space is precious and more often than not, we just don't have enough of it! When it comes to creating multipurpose rooms in our homes, a common obstacle is finding space for a bed. Whether it's twin or king-sized, any bed will dominate the room, limiting its functionality and decor. Sofa beds, although convenient at times, can be clunky and uncomfortable. When not in use, they do provide extra seating space but will eat up valuable floor space. That is where the magic of murphy beds comes in!

A perfect solution to any multipurpose or guest room, a growing number of interior designers and builders are turning to these wall beds to maximize space in small spaces. Not to be confused with those flimsy ironing boards that slam back into the wall, today's murphy beds use standard think mattresses and box springs. Better yet, they come in a variety of sizes including ones that wouldn't find in your average sleep retailer and range in style from basic to the most luxurious.

Tailored Living organization specialists can incorporate a murphy bed design into any space in your home.  They’re the perfect solution for multipurpose living areas, home offices, and loft layouts.

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