The Planning Guide for Customized Closet Organization

Different types of people have different needs when it comes to customized closet organization. It is very important when having your closet organized to determine what type of draws and accessories will best suit your needs. It is also helpful to know that your needs may be quite different than that of your spouse’s and/or your children’s.  Below, the home organization specialists at Tailored Living have taken the different needs of each gender into account and created a simple guide to help you determine what type of closet designs will work best for your family.


  • a small display case for necklaces and jewelry
  • shallow drawers for delicate garments
  • deeper drawers for storing packaged items such as pantyhose
  • shelves with adjustable dividers and cubbies for purses


  • wood hangers with locking bars to hang suits neatly and space-efficiently
  • shelves  to store dress shoes
  • drawers with dividers for ties and socks
  • hooks to hang ball caps and hats from
  • cube organizers to store sweat pants and athletic shoes


  • adjustable rods and poles enable kids to easily reach their clothes as they grow
  • pull out bins are great to store old toys they are not quite ready to give up
  • hooks are the perfect place to hang hooded sweatshirts and spring jackets
  • customized hamper draws are an easy was to ensure the dirty clothes make it to the laundry room

With these tips in mind, the professionals at Tailored Living can design a custom system that works for you and your family. Once you have thought about the big issues, your budget, what you need to store and the space you have to work with, think about the details and what you hope to achieve. Most importantly Tailored Living will customize a closet organization system that includes features built around you and your unique needs!