The Tailored Living Franchise Support System

When an individual is seeking to start their own franchise business, one of the main things they should consider is the support system a given franchise company has in place. Running your own business can seem like a daunting venture so it’s important to feel that you’re not alone.

Over the years, Tailored Living has been steadily growing its franchisee family. Today, it’s over 100 strong thanks in part to an established and tried system that has helped franchisees succeed.

At Tailored Living, a new franchisee can expect a thorough support system that begins with a business coach who is there to guide them through any difficulties they may experience. They also have a wide network of franchisee peers that they can turn to for advice. Additional support includes frequent webinars and training sessions.

“We want to make sure our franchisees feel they always have someone there to help guide them through any problems,” said Chad Hallock, CEO of Tailored Living. “It’s one of the things that have allowed us to grow into one of the top home organization franchises in the nation.”

Tailored Living believes military veterans make excellent franchise owners because they are already trained to work effectively within support systems. Because of this, its parent company, Home Franchise Concepts, launched the Million Dollar Franchise Event last year to encourage veterans to become business owners. The event offers a $5,000 discount off the purchase of a Tailored Living franchise with the goal of granting $1,000,000 in total discounts. For more information, visit