Three Real-Life Closet Makeovers For Social Media Celebs

Tailored Living recently partnered with three different lifestyle bloggers and designers who were suffering from the same “closet crisis” that afflicts most people—disorganization, clutter, and unsatisfactory use of space. All are dedicated homemakers and style advocates, but when it came to organizing all that style they needed some help from the closet professionals! See how Tailored Living® came to the rescue with custom closet storage solutions for a:

  • Nursery closet
  • Career woman’s closet
  • Shared closet for newlyweds

Custom Closet with Accessories A custom closet will make life easier every time you go into the closet

Playful and functional nursery closet

Kelly and Jeff Mindell (StudioDIY) are anticipating the homecoming of their second adopted baby to join son, Arlo, and part of that excitement was a summery, sunshine-filled nursery. For indoor sunshine, Kelly DIY’d a sunburst closet door as a focal point in the room and behind the bi-fold doors—the perfect closet! Working with her local Tailored Living, everything Kelly wanted for her custom closet design came true.

Playful Nursery ClosetYour closet can be as unique as you are; the sky’s the limit on design

  • More drawers
  • Lots of adjustable shelves
  • Less hanging space

Kelly shares: “Kids closets are SO different than adult closets. We worked with Tailored Living and they totally custom built out the space. We had such a great experience! We have ZERO shelves in Arlo’s room/closet, and it has resulted in a lot of stuff just getting dumped on the floor. (Now) more drawer space and (less) hanging space since we find it easier to just fold stuff and TONS of shelves that can be moved around as needed, and a few extra drawers. My fave little feature is the valet hook that pulls out, so we can prep outfits for the next day, or hang a diaper bag or backpack as we’re filling it for an outing or trip. Baskets and crates store things like blankets, burp cloths, diapers and wipes. It seriously feels SO good to have this done ahead of time, because I know it’s something we never would get around to once we have to juggle two kids!”

Working girl’s dream closet

Krystin works as a Social Media Director by day and, at night, transforms into lifestyle blogger, Suburban Faux-Pax. She needed help organizing her wardrobe accessories and wanted an “Instagram-worthy” closet to display her favorite clothes, shoes, and jewelry. A combination closet, photo studio, and home office (her “cloffice”), organization was sorely needed so the office and closet could co-exist in harmony. She sought help from the professionals for beautifying the space as well as installing solutions to ensure she could stay organized.

Jewelry Drawers, Shoe Racks and Purse Shelves in Closet Jewelry drawers, shoe racks, and purse shelves keep Krystin’s accessories ready for the next photoshoot

  • Efficient and ample storage space for headbands, jewelry, sunglasses, and odds and ends
  • Able to keep the “cloffice” door open without embarrassment
  • Closet accessories include scarf rack, valet rod, and soft-close drawers

Impressed not only with the end-result, Krystin enjoyed the whole process from consultation to installation. The consultation was my favorite part. The local designer came to my home and listened to what I was looking for and took the time to go over some mood boards and magazine tear-outs I had pulled together. After an inventory of my jewelry, dresses, shoes and bags, we worked together to create a design. A 3D rendering of the closet was sent over so I could see my space and make modifications before the installation. In what felt like no time, install day was here. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the closet installed and the verdict is in—it has most definitely helped with keeping the room in tip top shape. The display shelves are a personal favorite and the shoe rack is another element I love. I’m so grateful to the Tailored Living team for breathing life into this tired space and turning it into a chic, feminine space with the most beautiful custom closet!”

Shared closet and marital bliss

Lifestyle blogger and home décor enthusiast, McKenna Bleu, is both a new homeowner and a new bride. Settling down in her hometown in Charlotte, NC, after years of traveling, she’s excited to be planning a home with her new husband in more space than she’s ever had. She acknowledges that merging two lives into one can be challenging, especially with a shared master closet. Tailored Living solved that problem for her with the ultimate custom closet to fit their lifestyle.

Shared Custom Closet A shared closet can be a positive experience when each person has accessible space for all their wardrobe needs

  • Space to organize and declutter their many shoes
  • Maximize closet space and functionality for “his-and-hers” areas
  • Polished and sophisticated look in the style, finish and color to truly make it their own

McKenna says, “We couldn’t be happier with our custom closet; a new start to a beautifully organized life! We decided to keep the design as light and bright as possible with touches of brushed gold hardware. During our free in-home consultation, our designer used 3D design software. In real time we were able to see our design come to life. Modifications were easy to make instantly, and colors and finishes were switched until it was just right. We had an oversized dresser that we shared that was taking up too much space. They showed us that by installing a taller built-in dresser, we could create more space in that area of the closet. You never realize how much space you’re wasting in your closet until you have the pros come show you!”

Your closet, your way

Whatever your closet needs for you and your family, Tailored Living can tackle any closet challenge with beautiful results. Combining hanging rods, shelves, cabinets, drawers, specialty racks, and accessories, all your closets can be transformed into efficient, functional space for the way you live. Since every design is custom-built, sloped ceilings, uneven floors, and awkward corners that usually defy accessibility can be maximized for storage and seamlessly factored into a cohesive design.

Stylish Closet in Attic Transforming an attic into a stylish closet and dressing room is easy when you know how

Eliminate closet chaos and live more comfortably with custom closets designed for each user, including shared, walk-in, and reach-in closets for kids and adults. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. We can also help with innovative storage and organization solutions for any area of your home from the entryway to the garage, wherever clutter is a problem.

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