Three Simple Ways To Give Your Entryway A Spring Makeover

The entryway to your home actually consists of the space on both sides of the front door. The porch is the introduction to your interior entryway and should be part of your spring refresh for a truly welcoming experience. Guests and family will appreciate style and convenience and you’ll love changing it up with warm weather looks that display your unique style. Tailored Living® offers three ideas to easily brighten up your entryway for a sparking spring and summer:

  • Freshen up the décor
  • Coordinate both sides of the door
  • Institute expanded storage and organization

organized-entryway-mudroom-spring.jpgClear the entryway of all cold weather elements and bring in spring colors and decorations for the new season

Freshen up the décor

Spring and summer are naturals for bright, cheerful colors, so remove all the muted fall and winter reminders, including storing off-season boots and garments elsewhere. There are lots of ways to freshen up an entryway for spring and using color can create a whole new vibe. Paint the walls a lighter shade to make your entryway feel spacious and bright. Add a colorful accent wall for a splash of drama. Check out 2022 Colors Of The Year: Get A New Look For The New Year for inspiration and this year’s top trending colors.

sprintime-decor-organized-home-entryway.jpgSpringtime blossoms indoors with bright colors and greenery putting a fresh face on your entryway

  • New colorful baskets and bins add convenient storage and style.
  • Fancy, decorative hooks organize hats, jackets, and bags.
  • Springtime cushions for the bench or chairs are any easy way to add color.
  • Hang new artwork, including framed originals from the kids that are too large for the fridge.
  • Live or silk plants bring a touch of nature indoors.
  • New rugs in natural fibers or spring designs protect and enhance the space.
  • Add additional lighting with a chandelier, wall sconces, or a chic lamp on a table or bookcase.

Coordinate both sides of the door

The front entryway or porch should also reflect your spring makeover, with colors and decorations that coordinate with the new interior design. This way your design can be more expansive, incorporating outdoor and indoor space, especially if your inside space is small and limits your creativity. Paint the front door to match a new wall color and update outdoor cushions, rugs, or door mat to your new color scheme. Make this the grand introduction to what’s inside.

outdoor-organized-entryway-patio-home-spring.jpgPlants and flowers create a living tableau for a very welcoming spring entryway

  • Clean the porch of dust and dirt and sweep cobwebs out of corners and from over the door.
  • Paint shutters, bench, porch swing, or patio set that is showing wear.
  • Shine up any hardware on the front door, windows, or mailbox.
  • Replace outdated or damaged light fixtures or mailbox.
  • Flowerpots brimming with flowers add welcome color in pots or as hanging gardens.
  • Add solar garden lights in pots or along the walkway and keep your front entryway well-lighted at night for safety and ambiance.
  • Hang a cheerful spring wreath on the door.

Institute expanded storage and organization

No amount of color or decoration can rescue an entryway that is minimalist on storage if a family is maximalist on stuff. To achieve the result of a neat and pretty entryway, you may need to enhance storage and organization in the entryway to control the clutter. If you’ve been getting by with a random assortment of hooks, cubbies, or shelves as entryway organization but it’s still a mess, a custom solution to incorporate all needs could be the answer. By determining exactly what your family carts around each day, you can design custom storage solutions to bring order out of chaos and give your decorating diva a chance!

decorative-entryway-space-custom-design.jpgOnce the clutter is contained, you’ll have space for decorative additions to enhance your entryway all year long

  • Sturdy hooks for family members and guests can handle jackets, purses, hats, and umbrellas so no one has to wonder where to put their things.
  • Shelves or benches can hold baskets for small items like keys, sunglasses, and headphones that can easily get lost in the house.
  • A pet basket or drawer can hold everything for walking the dog, including leashes, treats, waste bags, and towels to dry wet feet from springtime showers.
  • If sports equipment clutters your entryway, enclosed cabinets and big drawers can hide items like rackets, baseball bats, helmets, mitts, balls, and shoes.
  • Individual cubbies or drawers help family members keep track of their personal items like keys, phones, iPods, wallets, etc., that need to be handy for coming and going.

Celebrate spring with a new entryway design or makeover that brightens up your life and makes coming home a happy experience. Whether large or small, our designers can help you find the perfect solution for an attractive and efficient entryway that can beautifully evolve with the seasons. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free in-home or virtual* consultation.

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