Three Steps to Reorganizing Your Garage and Finding the Holiday Decorations

Have you already begun the mental search for holiday decorations? You know there are skeletons, jack-o-lanterns and black lights somewhere, along with Thanksgiving pilgrims, decorative gourds and boxes of ornaments and garlands. The question is, where exactly? If you catch yourself answering every “Where is it?” query with “In the garage,” you probably need help.

It’s hard to look at a topsy-turvy garage and believe it could ever be user-friendly and organized. But it’s not really that difficult to make the miracle happen. All it takes is a little investment of time and resources and the end result will change your life! Here are three steps from Tailored Living® for reorganizing your garage to replace chaos with calm and make the upcoming holidays, and every day, less stressful and more enjoyable. Some might find it easier to find Garages to rent across the UK to help with any storages issues they might have, however here in the US, we do things a little differently.

Step One: Sort through everything in the garage

Downsizing the contents of the garage will reduce the clutter and leave you with only what you need to store. You’ll be surprised at how much stuff has lingered that you thought was gone.

  • Leftovers from your last garage sale that never made it to the thrift store.
  • Boxes of toys and clothes the kids have outgrown.
  • Bikes and sports equipment that collect dust.
  • Half-done hobby projects that will never be completed.
  • Old, rusted tools and equipment that are no longer useful.
  • Stacks of leftover tile, baseboard, paint and fixtures from home projects.
  • Excess holiday decorations; toss what’s broken or no longer loved.

Take the time to evaluate everything. Open boxes and check the contents to see if you still want what was stored years ago and never opened again. Undoubtedly, you’ll find treasures you’d forgotten about and trivialities you can’t remember why you kept them. Run everything through the “keep-sell-donate-toss” grid and see how much you can get rid of.

Step Two: Call Tailored Living for a free, in-home consultation

At this point you can relax, because we do it all for you—measuring, designing and professional installation. Your local Tailored Living whole home organization specialist will come to you and spend the time necessary to help you customize the space in your garage. We’ll help you find the ideal garage storage solutions that will maximize your garage’s usefulness for the way you live.

  • Room to park the cars
  • Full-service laundry area
  • Home gym or game room
  • Hobby/crafts area or a gardening bench
  • Mudroom storage to organize the family
  • Sports equipment and general home storage
  • Home improvement/woodworking space for tools and equipment

Storage solutions like enclosed garage cabinets, adjustable shelves, work countertops, drawers, Slatwall wall-hanging organization systems and overhead storage racks are all customer design options built to accommodate your garage needs. Capitalizing on vertical storage will free up floor space and make clutter a thing of the past. Having a place for everything will convert your entire garage into highly-functional space.

Even a small garage can provide lots of organized storage with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. There’s even room for a work countertop with convenient hanging space for tools, and integrated lighting. Drawers and cabinets with adjustable shelves allow for safely storing large and small items, eliminating the tripping hazard of boxes and tools stacked high in corners and along the walls.

A new garage floor is the final touch for a total garage makeover to ensure safety and easy maintenance with our PremierOne® epoxy floor coatings or PremierTrax interlocking garage tiles. Both styles create a practically indestructible floor, resistant to moisture, mold and bacteria growth, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. Our custom garage floors never chip, peel or fade, giving you years of flawless beauty and service.

Cutting-edge technology takes the worry out of planning and makes the process more fun with our 3D D’Vinci software that lets you see the design exactly as it will fit in your space. There’s no guesswork on what the finished project will look like, you can see colors, finishes and even hardware styles. Modifications are quick and easy until the final, perfect solution is in place.

Step Three: Replace your garage contents and live happily ever after

Once installation is complete, all that’s left is for you to restock your garage. We leave your space clean and ready to use, inspected by you and the installer to ensure your complete satisfaction. As a small local business, your Tailored Living franchise owner is there for you and just a phone call away should a problem ever arise.

Take action now and you’ll not only know where all your decorations are, you’ll know where everything is! You’ll be able to find what you need when you need it by turning your garage into functional living space with custom garage storage from Tailored Living. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home consultation. We can also bring peace and order to your whole home with innovative storage solutions for closet organization, entertainment centers, pantry and laundry room, entryway, home office design and more.