Three Tips to Refresh Your Entryway for Spring and Summer

Entryways and mudrooms can take a beating during the winter months. With lots of inclement weather, coats, hats, boots and scarves bring rain, snow, and mud into your entryway where, hopefully, it stays, sparing the rest of the house. After months of winter, doesn’t your entryway deserve a “thank you for your service” makeover to celebrate kinder, gentler weather?

The following three home organization tips from Tailored Living® will help you refresh your entryway and get it in top shape for Spring and Summer. An organized entryway makes life easier on you and your family by helping everyone get out of the house on time for work and school, with all the stuff they need for their day.

Tip 1: Assess Your Space

The ultimate goal is an attractive and inviting entryway with adequate storage that has a place for everything. So whether you have a small entryway or an impressive foyer, you want to maximize its potential with organized entryway storage that is easy and accessible to use, and tailored to your family’s specific needs.

  • Child-level hooks and baskets will make it easy for the kids to manage their own belongings
  • Doors hide clutter, including sports equipment, while open shelves provide quick access to store or grab phones, keys, books, purses, etc.
  • Pull-out baskets, bins and drawers neatly corral small items.
  • A storage bench can be incorporated into the design, or use a free-standing bench or chairs for seating space or to unload packages.
  • Shoe racks keep shoes in pairs, or a big basket for flip flops and sandals keeps the floor clear.

Tip 2: Sort/Purge/Clean

Start with the “official” organization mantra: Clear the space. Undoubtedly, things have collected in the entryway, so a sort/purge is in order to remove what should not be there to make room for what should be. Then, you want to clean into all the nooks and crannies.

  • Seasonal wear can be washed or dry cleaned and stored away for next year.
  • Damaged or outgrown things should be tossed or donated.
  • Some items will need relocation, such as tools to the garage or travel mugs to the kitchen.
  • Clean floors, dust ceilings and walls, including closets, cubbies, drawers and benches.
  • If the walls show wear from heavy traffic, repaint, considering a lighter color to brighten up the entryway (pastels are trending for 2016).
  • Repair or replace any hooks or racks that are faulty. (You may find that stronger hooks are needed to safely hold school backpacks.)
  • Discard baskets that are frayed or discolored; only distressed wood is stylish.
  • Replace worn rugs or mats with new, indoor-outdoor rugs in bright spring patterns.
  • Wash or recover cushions on benches or chairs.

Tip 3: Decorate for Spring

You want your entryway to be welcoming, a prelude to your home. So guests and family will enter with a smile, have something interesting in the entryway, like a favorite painting or interesting collection. Functional and fabulous do go together very well.

  • A stylized coatrack will dress up the entryway and provide additional hanging space.
  • Decorative sconces or a chandelier will add light and design flair.
  • Use colorful baskets or containers to hold umbrellas, canes, bats or hockey sticks.
  • Add artistic touches with fresh or silk flowers, statuary or framed art, including family pictures, kids’ creations or favorite quotes.
  • Tuck scented candles or potpourri in a little niche to freshen the space.
  • Hang a wreath of dried flowers and herbs, or be creative with a DIY wreath of your own design.
  • Enhance a transom or sidelights with decorative window film that imitates stained glass for an elegant look, letting in sunlight while still providing privacy.

If your entryway is tired looking or not optimized for efficient storage, now is the perfect time for a Tailored Living custom design to maximize your space and make your entryway more user-friendly. As whole home organization specialists, Tailored Living’s designers can help you with innovative storage and organization solutions for any room in your home, including custom closets, home offices, laundry rooms, pantries, garage storage cabinets, garage flooring and more. Our Spring Sale event is going on now, so be sure to ask about local special offers to see how much you can save! Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation.

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