Tips for a Safer Home During National Child Safety and Protection Month

November is National Child Safety and Protection Month, an annual reminder of the importance of ensuring safe environments for our children at home, in the car, at school and out in the world. We have laws and protections in place that govern the safety of society at large, but in our homes, we need to be diligent and aware of hidden dangers and take measures to ensure a safe living environment for our families.

Especially with babies and small children, a parent needs to be especially sensitive to dangers since little ones know no fear and everything is enticing! Some dangers you may not have identified include balloons, toxic house plants, instant hot water dispensers, loose change lying around, slippery surfaces and unsecured furniture.

Tailored Living® designers know the importance of secure, effective storage throughout a home and garage. They can help you maximize your space with storage and organization solutions to protect your family with safeguards like locking drawers and cabinets, anchored and secure storage systems, soft-close hinges and more.

Custom closet design for a safe bedroom

A child’s bedroom especially needs to be secure, since they will undoubtedly spend lots of unsupervised time there between playing, time outs and sleeping. One big safety factor is ensuring that nothing in the room can fall on your child, like a bookcase or dresser. Despite the fact that neither are intended for climbing, children do, in fact, use drawers and shelves as ladders or step stools. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that between 2000 and 2013, 430 deaths of young children resulted from TV, furniture and appliance tip overs. Basically, every two weeks a child dies from falling TVs and furniture and every 24 minutes a child is injured.

Eliminating clutter and potentially dangerous furniture from a child’s room can be nicely done with a custom closet design specifically tailored to the child’s age and needs.

  • A custom closet will keep clothes, toys and shoes easily available so there’s no need for a potentially dangerous tall chest of drawers.
  • Having everything at child level with tiered rods, shelves, baskets and bins will eliminate the need to climb to higher ground to retrieve an item.
  • Our custom closet systems are secured to the wall with steel rods and hung securely so they would never pull out and away from the wall, or tumble in an earthquake.
  • Adjustable shelves lock into place with a Safety Shelf Pin so that even if a child pulled on a shelf, it won’t come flying out and cause injury.

Additionally, window coverings with dangling cords are a serious hazard to children, claiming one life a month from cord strangulation. Cordless window treatments remove any danger, including motorized remote control, cordless lift systems for blinds and shades, and the always cordless shutters. Our sister brand, Budget Blinds, can help with any questions about child-safe window treatments, in line with October’s National Window Covering Safety Month.

Complete home security

Child-proofing is not limited to the bedroom; any room in the house can become dangerous to a curious child. Even older children and adults who should know better can make bad decisions and hurt themselves. The National Safety Council identified these top causes of unintentional injury and death for people of all ages.

  1. Poisoning (prescription drug overdoses/painkillers are the #1 cause)
  2. Motor Vehicle Crashes
  3. Falls (29,000 people died of falls in 2013)
  4. Choking and suffocation (mechanical suffocation is the #1 cause of death for infants)
  5. Drowning (never leave children alone around pools and in bathtubs; drowning is the #1 cause of death for children ages 1 to 4)
  6. Fires and Burns (keep matches, lighters and stove tops secure from children)
  7. Natural and environmental incidents

Custom storage solutions from Tailored Living can help to keep every room in the house safe for your family.

  • Custom cabinets with locks can keep hazardous substances and medicines safely out of reach in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and garages.
  • Securely built entertainment centers can keep TVs and electronics up and out of the way, with lower drawers and shelves for toys and kid-friendly items.
  • A home office design provides safe workspace and enclosed storage for equipment and locked drawers for work essentials like pens, scissors and paperclips.
  • Pantry design utilizing vertical storage will keep appliances and other potentially harmful items out of a child’s reach on the highest shelves.
  • Garage storage cabinets will safely store tools, anti-freeze, car wax, fertilizer, cleaning products, laundry soaps, paint—anything that could prove hazardous.

Functional storage also eliminates clutter which can be a tripping hazard for people of all ages. Reducing clutter removes potentially harmful items that could end up in a child’s mouth. Making sure you have a safe place for everything and then keeping things in their place will not only make your home more comfortable and attractive, but also safer for everyone.

Tailored Living’s designers can help you implement storage solutions that will keep your home organized, highly functional and wonderfully safe. Here are a few last minute safety tips to implement during National Child Safety and Protection Month:

  • Keep indoor and outdoor walkways and hallways clear of clutter
  • Periodically dispose of old paint cans, rusty tools and collected “junk” in the garage
  • Secure swimming pools, spas and hot tubs so kids or pets can’t fall in
  • Devise an emergency plan for your family and keep an emergency kit on hand
  • Use outlet covers and anchor furniture and TVs to prevent tipping over
  • Don't place a crib, high chair or playpen near windows, draperies or blinds
  • Keep plastic bags or similar materials out of children’s reach to avoid suffocation
  • Keep important phone numbers in an easy-to-find location, including doctors, caregivers, local police and fire, parents' work and cell numbers and on-call neighbors and relatives

We are the experts at maximizing your living space and getting your home beautifully organized with custom storage systems, including closet storage systems, pantry and laundry room design, home offices, entryways, garage storage cabinets, custom garage flooring and more. Our professional design and expert installation will ensure safety throughout your home, without the danger of faulty or flimsy installation from DIY systems that just can’t measure up.

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