Tips on How to Organize Your Garage for 2013

Organizing your home and garage doesn’t need to be a long drawn out hassle when you employ the use of Tailored Living. A home organization specialist will help you find the perfect organizational techniques that fit into your family’s lifestyle. Whether you are constantly on the go or you enjoy spending some relaxing time at home, your home’s streamlined organization will help keep it clean and your family happy. As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 is here, take a look at the best garage organization tips for the New Year.


If you do nothing else to your garage this year, implement at least one gridwall. A gridwall can be the single most important garage organization tool that you use in the upcoming year. It can help you store almost anything that you would already be storing in your garage. Items will get prime placement along the wall of your garage with a gridwall and its supporting racks. A gridwall can hold sports equipment, balls, toys, bicycles, gardening tools; almost anything that you can think of can be stored on a gridwall. The best aspects of having a gridwall is its ability to change or adapt to your constantly changing storage needs and the way that it can help easily clear up your cluttered garage floor.

Garage Shelving
While garage shelving may not be a new concept, it is absolutely one of the most important factors in garage organization. Garage shelving makes accessible those items that you reach for most often. Cleaning materials for washing your car, a bin of dog food, and an extra pair of sunglasses are all viable options for garage shelving.

Overhead garage storage
Do you have big bulky boxes that you only use during certain times of the year? Boxes that hold your Christmas decorations or your ski gear that you only use during certain seasons? Almost every house has these large boxes that take up all of your garage space if left on the floor. They can even steal space away from your attic or basement; one of the best solutions for keeping your gear safely out of the way is to implement overhead storage as a garage organization technique. If you don’t use the ceiling of your garage for anything, (most people don’t) try implementing overhead storage, it will allow you a free space to store some of your biggest objects. No longer will you have to stuff your skis into the attic, you can access them whenever you need to; they will be safely and securely suspended right above your car.

These three organization systems can help improve your garage storage solutions and streamline all of your home storage solutions. You will enjoy a much cleaner home with the help of storage systems that are easy for everyone in the home to use.