Tips To Make Easter And Spring Break Get-Togethers Stress-Free Starting With An Organized Pantry

Entertaining … hosting a party … having people in your home. For many people this is the proverbial good news/bad news situation. The good news is you’ll be surrounded by family and friends at this special time of year. The bad news is that entertaining can cause hospitality stress even for the most hospitable:

  • Is my home nice enough or clean enough?
  • Is there enough room for everyone?
  • Will the food be appreciated?
  • Will the kids, dogs, and grandpa behave?

There are some aspects of entertaining that may be beyond your control, like dogs and grandpas, but being a good host or hostess doesn’t mean perfection in every detail. Get-togethers are about bringing people together for fun, food and fellowship, so having a welcoming home where people feel happy is most important. And then, of course, there’s the necessary food which is something you can control and make sure that it’s wonderful whenever guests arrive.

A custom pantry makes entertaining easy

An organized pantry can be your secret weapon for handling any situation from a formal sit-down dinner or informal buffet to an outside barbeque with drinks and hors d'oeuvres on the patio. Tailored Living® can help make any party event less stressful with a custom pantry designed for the way you live. Having defined space for food, drinks, snacks, serving dishes, and holiday linens will make preparing daily meals and hosting special Easter and springtime events easier and more fun when you can always find what you need.

If you entertain a lot, you may want a section for party-only treats and foods, including a small refrigerator/freezer for caviar, specialty cheeses, wines and liqueurs, truffles, European chocolates, and gourmet coffees. As a “no-foraging” area for the family, you’ll be able to keep well-stocked with those items you use most often. Additionally, you can have specified areas for readily-available, family-favorite everyday foods, snacks, and drinks so mealtimes are a breeze, and everyone can serve themselves at snack time.

A custom pantry designed specifically for your space ensures you’ll be able to maximize your pantry and make it work for you, combining shelves, cabinets, specialty racks, bins and drawers, so there is a place for everything.

  • Adjustable shelves can accommodate large and small items without wasted space
  • Wine racks keep bottles horizontal to keep air out, the cork hydrated, and the wine fresh
  • Pull-out drawers create easy access for multiple rows of canned goods, bottles or boxes
  • Sturdy shelves can safely handle the weight of water bottles, soft drinks, flavored teas, energy drinks, and juice
  • Wire bins let fresh air circulate to keep fresh produce from spoiling
  • Low-level shelves and bins can keep snack foods and drinks reachable for the kids
  • Spice racks let you keep track so you don’t overbuy the garlic or miss a spicy favorite

Additional tips for stress-free entertaining

A big part of eliminating the stress and anxiety of entertaining is to be prepared. This takes some planning and should include enlisting help from family members or your always-faithful BFF.

  • Make a meal plan and stick with it; check recipes for needed ingredients and stick with tried-and-true recipes you know turn out well.
  • Get all the shopping done a couple of days before the event.
  • Prepare as much of the food in advance as you can; figure for 10% more than you’ll need, you certainly don’t want to run out.
  • There’s no shame in buying scrumptious desserts if baking isn’t your thing.
  • Check that you have enough serving dishes or go with fancy disposable plates, glasses and “silverware.” (
  • Clean the rooms (and bathroom) guests will be using and close off rooms where guests should not ramble.
  • Have a place where guests can deposit coats and purses.
  • Decorate the party areas with seasonal or theme items, candles and centerpieces and keep it simple (simple and elegant can go together).
  • Ample seating is a must; rent or borrow chairs if you have a large gathering and not enough seating space.
  • On the buffet table, label each dish, including if vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free.
  • Put a welcome sign at the front door to “Come On In” so you’re not constantly answering the bell or leaving guests standing on the porch.
  • Unless your pets like to mingle, put them where they won’t become stressed by strangers in their home.
  • Plan on enjoying yourself and don’t worry about a mishap; Funniest Home Videos is a popular show because people love a surprise now and again and friends are very forgiving.

And above all, remember: “The real point of entertaining isn’t to display the perfection of your domestic arrangements or your party-hosting skill. The main thing is making people feel warm and welcome in your home.” –Sandy Coughlin, author and hospitality expert

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