Top 5 Garage Ceiling Storage Solutions

The garage space on your garage ceiling has a lot of storage potential and you can optimize it to bring calm into chaos and improve the quality of your life. You can enjoy an organized life by discovering different ways to use garage ceiling storage ideas. From surfboards to boxes we'll show you how garages in all sizes can benefit from this solution.

Install Ceiling Mounted Racks

Everyone desires a well-organized space even in the garage. Ceiling racks are a perfect solution to bring order in your garage. They will give you the peace of mind of knowing your items are in safe storage. They are capable of holding heavy boxes or bins that you rarely access and are constantly on your way. Ceiling racks will help you to remove these boxes out of the way and you will enjoy a lot of floor space that you can use for parking and other activities. Ceiling racks also make cleaning your garage much easier.

Use Storage Bins

Storage Boxes.jpg

You need to put things away but you also need to store them safely. Other than having a fancy look, bins will offer you a better and safer storage solution especially when you place them on your ceiling racks. When you store items above the ground and in an overhead bin they are safe from damage caused by water. Overhead bins are not prone to bugs caused by moisture compared to cardboard boxes. This makes bins a better option. Choosing bins with the same color to store sports items, off-season decorations among other items that you rarely use is a great idea. Label each bin for easier access when you need to find an item.

Use Strong J-Hooks

J-hooks are versatile and you can use them to hang various items within the recommended weight.  You can also maximize the space under your garage ceiling racks by using J hooks. They are ideal for hanging different items like ladders, ropes, pipes, and other yard tools. These items occupy a lot of your garage floor space and are most of the time in your way especially when you are not using them immediately.

Install Garage Automated Racks or Storage Lifts

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Stationary racks are great and they store heavy bins and other heavy items. It might be hard to get all the heavy items on your stationary rack without using a ladder. Instead, you can use an automated lift to conveniently lower the rack to an appropriate height. You can load all your heavy items like kayaks, surfboards, and other items and raise them again without using a lot of your energy. With an automated rack, you will not need a ladder instead you will take advantage of its adjustable height and lift capabilities.

Pulley Lift System

If your bike keeps getting in the way when you are not using it, you can find a safe storage space for it on your garage storage ceiling. You don't have to let it occupy your garage floor either. You can effortlessly use a pulley system to lift your heavy bike and smartly mount it on your garage ceiling. The garage ceiling storage ideas like bike lifts are an easy solution for you to install and use.

Use a Cargo-Net

A cargo net is an excellent garage ceiling storage idea, especially for light items. Instead of oddly shaped sports items like baseball bats or décor forming clutter on the garage floor, you can store them in a net. When you hang a cargo net from the ceiling of your garage you transform it into a perfect garage ceiling storage idea.

Use a Sling

Most sporting equipment finds its way in the garage especially items like skis, kayaks, or even paddleboards. They can easily be thrown around and make the garage messy. Some of these items cannot be stacked together either but you can use a sling to beautifully suspend them from your ceiling and create floor space.

Steps to Maximize your Garage Ceiling Storage Idea

For you to maximize your garage ceiling storage idea, you will need to consider a few things that will determine which idea is most suitable for you. Here are a few steps you can take:

Consider your Options

Consider all the available options of a garage ceiling storage system. You can research the available ideas and gather as much information as possible. When you find all the information you need you will be off to a good start and you can be sure to pick what will suit you.

Check your Needs

storage decorations.jpg

Check your needs and find out the kind of items you will want to store in your garage ceiling storage system. Check to see if your items are mostly sports gear, heavy sports items, farmyard equipment, seasonal decorations, or other lightweight items. This will help you choose the best ceiling storage system solution. You will know if a stationary ceiling rack, a sling, a cargo net, or any other system will work for you.

Plan your Layout

After you choose a system you are now able to plan how you will implement the system. You will decide if you want to use a section of your ceiling or if you want to use your whole ceiling. You can make this decision based on your needs and the garage ceiling storage idea. Pick the best layout that will bring maximum value to your storage needs and give you the organization you desire.


Garage ceiling storage is an excellent solution that brings order and calmness into your home. Your garage ceiling offers you various storage opportunities that can store items of various shapes and sizes. Some items which cannot be stacked together can still have a place in the safety of your garage ceiling and out of your way. Heavy-duty items like kayaks or surfboards and lightweight items are all catered for on your garage ceiling storage. Tailored Living experts take time to understand your needs, style, preferences, and create an organization solution that is customized to you. Get a free consultation with Tailored Living design experts. Contact us today!