Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring Professional Closet Organizers

Tired of sifting through the never-ending amount of garments you have hanging in your closet just to put together the single outfit that you had in mind? Can’t find the pants to match the shirt you finally decided to wear? Closet organization shouldn't have to be a frustrating and tedious task. How would you feel about a customized closet that is organized based on what makes sense to you?

Tailored Living professionals have closet design ideas that fit your everyday lifestyle and specific needs. They’ll set up a plan and discuss how your custom closet layout should look and personalize it with custom closet organizers. Here are some preliminary questions to ask yourself when hiring a closet organization specialist:

How much space do you have to work with?
This is the main design aspect to factor into your closet planning. Knowing how much space you have to work with will help the professional closet organizers at Tailored Living determine the best organizational system for your space. Don’t forget to consider height when you take inventory of the space in your closet. Making use of every inch can be important if you aren't working with a large space.

What types of clothing are you storing?
Some people only want to hang shirts or blouses in their closet and leave other items such as pants and undergarments stored in an outside bedroom dresser when they tackle closet organization. Think about what types of clothing and accessories you need to store in your closet and it will help you put together a picture of what you need in terms of organization.

What do you want to put on display?
For specialty items that you want to show off or display, Tailored Living offers custom closet organizer that exude style and elegance. For instance, expensive watches or one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces can be properly displayed behind beautiful glass doors. Between the sparkle of the crystal doors and the contemporary closet design, this organization option is sure to catch the eye of any houseguest.

Do you have valuables that need safe keeping?
Your clothing and accessories are an investment that you have likely put years into collecting. If you have valuable clothing or jewelry in your closet, look into locking cabinet doors for added security. You can also install cedar-lined backings to repel pests.

Which accessories and organizers would you like to use?
Accessories like tilt-out hampers, drawer organizers, and pull out mirrors are among the many options you can choose from to enhance your customized closet.

As you can see, there is much to consider when planning your custom closet design. These are just a few ideas to keep in mind. Once you have considered your budget, what you need to store, and the space you have to work with, Tailored Living will customize a closet organization system that includes features built around you and your unique needs!