Top Five Garage Accessories that Every Active Family Needs

How does your garage rate on a scale of one to ten with helping your family manage their daily activities?

  • Could you find all the sleeping bags for that weekend camping trip?
  • Do you have to back the car out of the garage so the kids can get in?
  • On game day are the (still dirty) jerseys at the bottom of the laundry pile?
  • Do things mysteriously disappear in the garage?
  • Can you get to those extra light bulbs when you need them, and…
  • Where’s the dang hammer!

If you’re not talking at least an eight and you don’t let the kids in the garage without adult supervision for fear of injury, it may be time to get control of your garage. Years of saying, “Just take this out to the garage,” can result in a jumbled mess and render the garage practically useless!

Here are five garage accessories that can help you quickly tame your garage and turn it into functional space that is safe and beneficial for the whole family.

Wall organization systems                                                            

Tailored Living® offers two wall organization systems for getting everything up off the floor: Gridwall Racks and Slatwall Panels. Each system offers a wide range of accessory hangers, specialty hooks, storage baskets, and shelves so you’ll be able to store absolutely anything with easy accessibility. Either system allows you to reconfigure as your needs change, or add pieces to expand your storage.

  • Gridwall Racks offer versatile wall storage on heavy-duty, all-steel wire grids with specialty attachments to accommodate everything from small hand tools (hammer!) to hockey sticks. Built for strength, panels can be joined to create any configuration you need around cabinets, windows, doors or any other space constraints. Accessories include shelves, baskets and specialty hooks that securely attach to the grid for safe keeping of all your possessions.
  • Slatwall Panels (PVC panels) come in colors to coordinate with your garage’s color scheme. You can install Slatwall in strips or sections, such as over a workbench or countertop to keep tools close at hand, or use Slatwall to cover an entire wall. Slatwall can handle anything you need to hang, with specialty hooks for bikes, skis, golf bags and more. With attachable baskets and shelves, even small items can be organized and stored in full view.

Tailored Living’s wall hanging storage systems are ideal for organizing everything in your garage.

  • Keep gardening tools and supplies together. Instead of standing rakes and shovels against the wall where they can fall and create a danger, store them on racks that keep them up off the floor and clean and dry. By adding baskets alongside, plant food, small hand tools, garden gloves, clogs, seed packets and pots are handy.
  • Group sports equipment by game using baskets and racks for bats, balls, mitts, cleats, hats, etc., so nothing gets misplaced.
  • Each family member can have their own section for their specific sport or hobby, with lower baskets for little ones so they can put things away without needing help.
  • Installing low shelves for wet and muddy footwear will eliminate piles of shoes and boots on the garage floor. The open design will facilitate faster drying and keep all pairs together.
  • Even without enclosed or locking cabinets, you can keep dangerous tools, chemicals or products out of reach of children and curious pets. With Gridwall or Slatwall systems, hooks and baskets can be placed up high enough so that small children cannot reach the contents.

Overhead Storage Racks

Overhead storage racks allow you to take advantage of unused vertical space. Overhead storage is especially good for large and awkward shaped items that don't fit into garage cabinets. Also, seasonal decorations and other things that you only use on occasion can store up high, leaving easy-access storage for those things you use most often.

All-steel construction makes the overhead storage racks completely safe and efficient for maximizing space; they’re designed to handle the weight. Using overhead storage for stocking up on staples is a great way to avoid trips to the store and save money by buying in volume. Paper products, cleaning products and other non-perishables can be conveniently stored out of the way until needed.

Specialty hooks

Specialty hooks come in all shapes and sizes and work with both of our wall hanging systems or independently, such as the ceiling-mounted bike hoist pictured below. Many items can hang on hooks, but for big things such as bikes, skateboards, skis and golf bags, custom hooks designed to safely and securely manage the weight and bulk of specific items ensures safe and damage-free storage.

Custom wall hooks will get larger items up off the floor, eliminating tripping hazards and freeing up floor space.  Garden hoses, coiled rope and electrical cords all create a walking hazard as well, and custom hooks will keep them up out of the way, untangled and ready to use, saving both time and frustration.

Custom storage cabinets and shelving

Garage storage cabinets, whether one cabinet or floor-to-ceiling, can make a world of difference in how your garage functions. Cabinets capture usable space and provide behind-closed-doors storage, hiding unsightly clutter and maintaining order. Designing cabinets around parking stalls, workbenches, countertops and laundry appliances provide storage right where it’s needed, keeping necessities close at hand. With adjustable shelves, inside cabinet space can be maximized for any type of storage.

Custom shelving in colors and finishes of your choice can outfit an entire wall or just sections of the garage. Heavy-duty, one-inch thick shelves create secure storage options, adjustable to fit large or small items. Clear plastic bins with lids can provide enclosed, protective storage while letting you see what’s stored inside.

Getting your garage under control is just a phone call away. Tailored Living designers are garage organization and storage specialists and can help you create the perfect garage for your busy family, making your garage a solid 10! Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation.

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