Top Home Organization Tips for the New Year

Like most of us, in-home organization is at the top of your New Year’s Resolution wish list, especially after the holidays!  Do you wish for even more storage solutions for Christmas decorations and all those gifts Santa showed up with?  Do you wish you had an entry way that could handle all your guest’s coats and boots?  And how about a pantry organized for cake mixes, spices, sauces, recipe books, fruits and vegetables? And to top it all off, a laundry room designed and tailored to handling however many guests decide to spend the holidays with you next year!


A beautiful to your home is about reconciling its two uses, a well-trafficked area for family and guests, and the other as a decorative statement.  Tailored Living can help you design creative cabinetry and clever storage that makes for a beautiful statement to showcase your entryway.

Custom Pantry and Cabinetry to Match Your Home Style

A Tailored Living specialist can complement the look and feel that you have adopted for the rest of your kitchen with a pantry that provides a multitude of space to store your kitchen essentials.

Laundry Room Solutions

With an organized space, laundry day will be more enjoyable and feel less like a chore. For added convenience, Tailored Living offers a variety of accessories that work well in conjunction with laundry room cabinets.

  • Add a valet rod above the counter for hanging items fresh from the dryer.
  • A pull-out laundry hamper keeps dirty clothes out of sight as it is concealed behind cabinets.
  • A pull-out ironing board offers space-saving convenience since it folds back on itself to slide back into the wall.
  • Create a sort-as-you go laundry room design with integrated pull-out baskets for whites, darks, reds, delicates, and more.
  • Eliminate unsightly dirt and lint that often accumulates in the laundry room with slide out trash bins for easy disposal.