Transform Your Garage with The Last Garage Floor You’ll Ever Need

A custom garage floor is the piece de resistance of a garage transformation. Contrary to the idea that it’s a luxury, new garage flooring is an investment that elevates your garage to a new level of functionality and safety for your family. When that garage floor is from Tailored Living®, you are getting the most technically advanced floor coatings in the industry, and probably the last garage floor you’ll ever need!

Adurable.jpgA durable garage floor is foundational to achieving a highly functional, total garage with storage, efficiency, and convenience

Industrial-strength custom garage floors

Tailored Living doesn’t believe in offering varying degrees of floor coatings like good, better, or best. You never have to debate quality because every style of our PremierOne® epoxy garage flooring systems and PremierTrax® interlocking tiles are the toughest floors available. All you have to decide is the style and color that best meets your needs. We give you a superior-performance floor with incredible benefits for complete peace of mind:

  • Best value for your money
  • Quality you can trust
  • Floors that last for decades
  • Designed to withstand high traffic and heavy use
  • Resists damage from moisture, chemicals, and impact
  • Low-maintenance, easy-care finishes

PremierOne epoxy floor coatings: the epitome of protection

Epoxy floors are popular for garages, but not all epoxy floor coatings are created equal or can live up to the demands of a busy garage. Our five PremierOne epoxy floor coatings were developed by Sika®, an international leader in industrial-grade structural coatings for over 110 years. All systems create a permanent, chemical bond with the concrete garage floor that cures to twice as hard as other epoxy finishes and will not chip, crack, stain, or fade. The seamless surface is resistant to gasoline, auto fluids, paint thinner, pesticides, and other household chemicals that literally eat up inferior epoxy finishes. With five distinctive styles there’s something to please everyone, from solid colors to granite- and artisan-look metallic finishes. View the gallery below and pick your favorite!

PremierOne® Decorative Texture


PremierOne Decorative Texture has 18 standard decorative chip color blends, in large (1/4”) or micro (1/8”) chips or you can custom blend colors for a totally unique floor. Use more than one color blend to create custom designs or borders as pictured above. The decorative chips give a slightly textured, non-slip surface to the floor, an added safety feature.

PremierOne® Solids


PremierOne Solids gives a seamless, solid-color floor coating in six standard neutral colors in tones from light to dark. They easily coordinate with any home color scheme as well as our custom garage storage cabinet finishes. 100% UV protection ensures the color stays true and no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) let you breathe easy in a clean environment.

 PremierOne® Stone


PremierOne Stone creates the illusion of a high-end granite floor to add true elegance to your garage. The 1/4” chips produce the textured, natural stone appearance of granite in six trending colors to beautifully enhance a working garage, car museum, or a fun zone Man Cave.

PremierOne® Elements


PremierOne Elements creates an up-scale bling factor with genuine shaved rock fragments containing mica, giving an organic metallic luster to the floor. Beneath the shiny polymer surface is additional sparkle, adding depth and texture in six standard metallic colors. With this fabulous floor, you may find yourself coming up with excuses to spend more time in the garage.

PremierOne® Stratus


PremierOne® Stratus is unique in that this floor’s design is created as it’s applied. The marbleized effect is created by swirling together a blend of two or more of the seven rich colors of marbleized epoxy floor coating, guaranteeing that no two floors are ever alike. The look of molten metal gives three-dimensional depth to these very artistic floors. The brilliant shine and design mirror your good taste.

PremierTrax: where strength meets style

PremierTrax interlocking garage floor tiles put the “fun” in functional with flexible tiles that let you get creative. In 18 trendy colors from neutral shades to bright primary colors, you can match a favorite car, sports team logo, or bust out your alma mater’s colors to create a unique pattern to define parking stalls or other-use spaces like a laundry room. A totally different look from epoxy floor coverings, PremierTrax is equal in durability with tiles that securely interlock so there’s no shifting or lifting. Their unique open-weave design creates a slip-resistant surface that’s impervious to stains, cracking, fading and peeling. Easy care, spills pass right through to be hosed away. Nothing stays on the surface to be tracked into the house, so your home and garage stay cleaner. Installation is generally hours instead of days since there are no adhesives or chemicals to cure or dry, so your garage is back in service the same day.

Getascolorful.jpgGet as colorful as you want with interlocking tiles that let you create your perfect garage floor

The last garage floor you’ll ever need

With Tailored Living, you’re assured of getting the highest-quality garage flooring available, customized to meet your specific needs, budget, and style. And you don’t have to stop with a new garage floor, we can help you have a total, custom garage with innovative organization and storage solutions, including:

  • Garage storage cabinets with adjustable shelves that can fit any space and efficiently store all your belongings, so you can always find what you need.
  • Slatwall panels wall storage systems that utilize vertical storage and maximize small spaces for big storage.
  • Sturdy overhead garage storage racks, stationary and automated, that capture ceiling storage for large items and free up floor space so you can actually park the cars in the garage.

Go online to to find a designer near you or call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation to discuss getting your garage in shape as well as any other storage or organization needs you have in your home such as closet storage systems, home office design, and laundry room storage. We are your local whole home organization specialists dedicated to helping you live happier in all your spaces!

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