Transform your Poolside Shed into a Mini-Cabana with Cabinets, Hampers, and Storage Bins

It’s swimming season! Perhaps the only thing more luxurious than lounging by a shimmering turquoise pool is knowing that a fruity beverage, a fluffy towel or spare sunglasses are just a few steps away in your poolside cabana. Although owning your own cabana might seem like an extravagant frill, transforming your outdoor storage shed into a well-designed mini-cabana can boost your poolside enjoyment exponentially.

Converting sheds into livable space is taking off! You can turn your poolside storage shed into a mini-cabana with outdoor storage, hampers, storage bins, and custom cabinets. Pool gear can be cumbersome, and it has a tendency to accumulate so you’ll want to build in ample storage space. To keep your mini-cabana free of clutter, consider layer in shelving, custom cabinets and functional furnishings, such as storage benches. The organization specialists at Tailored Living can easily transform your storage sheds into a desirable space with lots of various options. If you are looking to extra storage space for your knick-knacks, some storage companies allow you to design your own storage shed for backyard storage.

Guests changing into their swimsuits won’t want to feel as though they’re on display. Orient the pool house so that it’s as private as possible and include features such as screens, privacy walls, frosted windows, or shades and blinds. And don’t forget the electronics. A sound system, dimmer-controlled lighting, and Wi-Fi go a long way toward making your poolside mini-cabana both pleasant and functional.

Tailored Living’s home organization specialists will go through the design process with you to discuss a vast array of cutting-edge organization tool options that will work best with your space. Each of our team members knows exactly what questions to ask to get the job done easily and efficiently the first time.